Top 10 Things More Believable than Creationism

DISCLAIMER: I am not doing this list to offend Christians or other religions. If you're easily offended by this stuff, just click that "X" in the top right corner.

All disclaimers out the way then, Poof! There's the Earth. Poof! There's a man and a woman! Poof! There's an overly simplistic idea of Creationism.

Anyway, it's time to go on with this.

The Top Ten

Tornadoes don't exist

There was once an internet troll on YouTube known as Durham Francis. His trolling was that tornadoes are just a figment of imagination and they aren't real. I find that more believable than Creationism. - Cazaam

Actually this is less believable as the idea of a creator god is common sense based and even toddlers naturally believe in it. Also, is this referring to young earth or old earth?

If any God/ess exists why do they allow Tornadoes?

Family Guy came before The Simpsons

Matt Groening went into a time machine and seen that a cartoon family with a dumb father was the way to make a popular T.V. show. That lie is more believable than Creationism. - Cazaam

You're the 1,000,000 visitor to this site. You've won!

So true! Really, why do we believe so much on a book named bible? And why believe all of them? Even we are sceptic about most of the fundamental theories in science and they keep on changing. So why do believe so much on one book? - Kiteretsunu

You're the trillionth customer to purchase a bible! You've won! - PositronWildhawk

Because that book has facts and holds up if u study deeply into it.

Yes! I've won! "click" "antivirus goes crazy" BSOD. Sums up that. But still, these obvious internet lies are more believable than Creationism. - Cazaam

This person you've never heard of has died and you're his/her heir! Collect your inherited goods at...

I'm the heir of a person I've never heard of? What? How does that work? That's more believable than Creationism. - Cazaam

Gangnam Style is North Korean propaganda

Coppercab is an idiot for saying this. I know it isn't a good song but for crying out loud! That's more believable than Creationism. - Cazaam

The moon is made of cheese

It's true you know, the government has been lying to us. More believable than Creationism. - Cazaam

Actually it's a Button! You must worship Mr Spoon (Button Moon 1980s children's show)

Freddie Mercury is still alive!

I wish. Still more believable than Creationism though. - Cazaam

The Earth is flat.

Strict creationism is more believable than this.

I thought Creationists believed this.

Actually this is less believable

A Guinea Pig is not a Rodent.
Santa Claus is real.

Saint Nicholas.
Father Christmas, Santa Claus = no

The Contenders

Professor Oak will give you a Pokemon
Hogwarts letter
Real ponies look like Friendship is Magic
You will marry your celebrity crush
Smoking is healthy
Breadwinners has fans
Your pet dog can speak English
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