Top 10 Things in Music We Hope Happen in 2022

2022 has just begun. In terms of music, what do you think needs to happen this year?
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1 Rihanna comes back with a new album

When artists/bands are on hiatus, it's usually because they're having problems in their life or had controversial scandals. However, she announced since 2017 that she's working on a new album & we've been waiting since 2016 for it to come out. Whole artists need to take their time to give their albums the best results, waiting constantly this long for an album is much worse than waiting in line for rides, black Friday items, Apple products, etc. It's almost like waiting for films like Avatar 2 to come out as we waited over 12 years for that & we're wondering if it'll be released on December 2022 or be postponed again. Yet the release date for this is still unknown, meaning who knows how long we'll have to wait for this. Adele's album 30 was her 1st in 6 years but she was going through rough moments rather than continuously making the album the whole time. This would be without a doubt 1 of the most anticipated albums by any artist in music & would be the biggest music project ...more

It's been 6 years since her last album and we're still waiting for new songs by RiRi. She needs to stop playing with her fans' nerves and release her album, unless she's preparing a surprise in the same vein as Beyoncé in 2013.

2 Less Tik Tok music on the Billboard Beyond charts

It's really just music that became popular on TikTok. It didn't come from TikTok in the 1st place. As long as TikTok exists, if any song becomes popular on the mainstream, it'll become popular on TikTok as well & lots of people will make videos with the song. TikTok has a wide variety of songs, but many are using the junk songs very often since they're the top trending songs mainstream these days.

I don't get how people even consider Tik Tok an option for consuming music.

3 An indie artist breaks out into the mainstream

I have been getting into indie music a lot more this past year, it would be pretty fun to see some indie artists in the mainstream. I believe Glass Animals is right now.

4 Arctic Monkeys come back with a new album
5 Maroon 5 goes on hiatus

Adam Levine's crew just sounds incredibly tired these days and their music is just tasteless. If they went on hiatus and focused on their solo careers and their families, it would be beneficial for them.

6 Chris Brown's success finally declines
7 More diversity in the Billboard charts

Lil Nas X's success as a black LGBTQ artist in 2021 shows a bright future for diversity.

8 More inspirational and relatable songs in the Billboard charts

Olivia Rodrigo managed to make hit songs that feel relatable and non-condescending. We need more songs like these on top of the charts. Songs that boasts an artist's fortune, possessions and that glorify sleeping with lots of people or even drug use just need to stay off the top of the charts as much as possible.

9 Beyoncé comes back with a new album

How far can she go after the masterpiece that was 2016's Lemonade?

10 An artist makes a comeback hit

Who do you like to see makes a comeback?

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11 Kendrick Lamar comes back with a new album
12 More obscure music becomes mainstream

What "obscure" style would you like to see in the mainstream?

13 Olivia Rodrigo wins a Grammy

I feel like this is pretty much guaranteed to happen.

She probably will

14 Eminem is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

It would be amazing if he were inducted upon his first year of eligibility, and I think it's likely to happen.

15 A popular artist performs a virtual concert on Fortnite

Hell no. A concert is something you need to experience in real life, not in a virtual space. You might as well be watching a live stream on YouTube or Twitch at this point.

Or any video game possible for that matter. I'm thinking of Lil Nas X performing on Fortnite for example.

16 Slim Shady LP 2 is released
17 A cult band reunites
18 Emo makes a comeback
19 My Chemical Romance comes back with a new album

They reunited on Halloween 2019 and I'm still waiting for them to release a new album.

Or at least a new song since they've reunited back on October 31th, 2019

20 Concerts take place as scheduled

If this pandemic never happened, I would've already seen MCR in October 2020 instead of having to wait 2 years after purchasing the tickets.

21 Evan Taubenfeld comes back with a new album
22 Eminem releases a new album

He headlines Super Bowl this year, so probably a new album is coming.

23 King Crimson gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
24 Avril Lavigne comes back with a new album
25 Fefe Dobson comes back with a new album
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