Top Ten Things Names to Name Your Child After


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1 Naming after horrible singers you hate

You know, like Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, and Nicki Minaj. - Delgia2k

2 Naming after cussing

Hold it! The title was meant to be 'worst names to name your child after'. I'm terribly Sorry. - Delgia2k

3 Naming after dictators

Ehh... People would like feel offended if their baby was named a dictator like Hoxha, Stalin, Zedong and Nicolae. - CerealGuy

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4 Naming after shocking event

For example: 9/11. Who would name his/her child after this shocking event - Delgia2k

5 Naming after a murder
6 Naming after a troll

Like stalker, lier, and etc - Delgia2k

7 Naming after most hated tv show character
8 Naming after most hated movie character
9 Naming after most hated video game character
10 Naming after a meme

That can be funny but bad - Delgia2k

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