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21 Hindi Addition

Add the language Hindi

22 Gem Collector

This could be just like a gold mine or elixir collector plus it is slower than dark elixir drill

No. Gems are supposed to be rare

This has been added in the new update, although it is called a Gem Mine. - micahisthebest

Here;s how fast that they should make gems, lv,1 5 gems/day lv2, 6 gems/day lv3 7 gems/day
lv4 9 gems/day.

they should unlock at town hall lv 4 and the second one should unlock at town hall lv 9

lv2 gem collecter at town hall 5, lv3 at town hall 7 lv4 at town hall 9.

the lv1 gem collecter should have a gem capacity of 5, lv2- 7 lv3,-10 lv4-12

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23 Farmer Barracks
24 More Than One Builder Can Work On an Item

This would be cool. So if you have two builders on one job it goes twice as fast. For those times you don't have enough resources for everything

Like you have 2 builders working on the same tesla and it reduces the time by 20% - 1tangjam

And the ability to boost builder huts to make them do jobs faster

This should be top 1

25 Cheats V 1 Comment
26 A Battle Cart

This new troop would not fight alone but it would do is take a defense tower such as a Archer tower or even an X-Bow. At level two it could carry a tower and 4 troops then they would dobble at each upgrade

27 A Dark Spell Factory

Already added by Supercell - micahisthebest

They already made one

I think this would be pretty cool in the town hall 11 update. The spells would cost 1k-5k. (And they wouldn't be that strong. For example, a skeleton spell level 1 spawns in 15 skeletons. Stuff like that.

28 Lower Upgrade Costs

They should lower all upgrade costs by 50 or 75 %

29 Robots

That's practically a PEKKA

30 If Troops Survive Battle You Should Be Able to Use Them Again

I hate it when I have a whole bunch of my wizards survive a raid but I can't use them

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31 More Kings

There are only the barbarian and archer queen

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32 More Dark Troops

There are only six

33 Barcher
34 Light Barracks

Creates troops that are fragile but hit hard

They should put healer in here

35 No More Leveling Up Buildings

Seriously. It cost so much gold leveling buildings!

36 Builders Huts to Cost Gold and You Could Have a Lot of Builders
37 Troop Wars
38 Online Battles
39 Royal Giant V 1 Comment
40 Goblin Hut
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