Top 10 Things that Need to Be in Splatoon 2

A list of the top 10 things that should be in Splatoon 2.

The Top Ten

1 Callie/Marie

Squid Sisters should stay and still do their announcements. - mattstat716

Do not worry. Splatoon 2 will be just fine. - ShigeruMiyamoto

Callie was taken by DJ Octavio and you have to save her by playing the campaign. We have Pearl and Marina now. - thunderstar1124

List was made before the game released, bought the game and love it. - mattstat716

2 Splatfests

Check. - thunderstar1124

Just because I bought the game and a Wii U AFTER the last Splatfest, I never get to do one? Okay. - mattstat716

3 More Unique Weapons

Shotgun-Umbrellas, Dualies, Flingza Roller, Squeezer, and Goo Tuber - thunderstar1124

Granted, we're getting Splat Dualies, but that's not enough. - mattstat716

This was made before the Splat-Brella was revealed

4 More Hero Gear

Come on, a Hero Inkbrush and Hero Slosher would be AWESOME. - mattstat716

But nooo we had to have the Hero Octobrush but why? Not only is the Octobrush complete and overpowered garbage but it’s an OCTOLING WEAPON, and you fight against the Octarians in the game! At least we got a Hero version of every weapon type. I would’ve loved a Hero Inkbrush though because it’s one of my mains. I also just cringe when I see people using the “Herobrush Replica” instead of the Octobrush as a desperate attempt to look like a more skilled player. - thunderstar1124

5 More Gamemodes

Salmon Run and Clam Blitz. - thunderstar1124

Capture The Zapfish would be pretty cool. - mattstat716

6 More Maps

Kind of obvious. - mattstat716

7 More Clothing

This is pretty much guarenteed, but still. - mattstat716

8 More Backstory

We had Ancient Scrolls in Splatoon, so I want to collect more. - mattstat716

9 Weapon Choice In Storymode

We have the stuff already!

I don't wanna use a gun, I wanna use a roller! - mattstat716

That’s post game content after you beat it. However in some levels Sheldon will make you use certain weapons because they revolve around that weapon’s mechanics, which is awesome! - thunderstar1124

10 Squad Battles Choose-able Color

It's squads, so why can't we have a team color? - mattstat716

The Contenders

11 Music by Hideki Naganuma
12 Satoru Iwata
13 Aerospray PG
14 CoroCoro Splat Roller
15 Old Specials
16 Tempered Dynamo Roller
17 More Unique Gear

We should have more ways of designing outfits, how about like some cosplay sets or dresses?

18 Mario Outfit
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