Things that Need to Happen in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes

I think the generation 4 Pokemon games get a bit too much hate. For all their faults, they did bring a lot of changes that have shaped the series into what it is today. The changes it brought to the battle system, as well as how it made these mechanics easily accessible to the player, completely revolutionized competitive play (though the advent of wifi definitely helped).

That said... These games have issues. Some were minor flaws that were annoying at worst, but others completely killed the experience for some people. If these games were to be remade, here are some things that need to be fixed.

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1 Fix the game's speed

Here's something that both the fans and haters of gen 4 can agree on: These games run like complete crap. I know that gens 2 and 7 also suffer from this somewhat, but gen 4 was the absolute worst. Hell, there are people who hate the entire generation because it's so slow. If this was any genre of video game other than a turn-based RPG, I would've returned it for being a defective product. Screen transitions take forever, the low framerate makes everything look choppy, and battles move at a glacial pace. I don't know whether the devs weren't used to the DS's hardware, or if they got lazy, but this is ridiculous. Sadly, the only way I can realistically see them fixing this is to make these remakes during generation 8 rather than 7 and making it a Nintendo Switch game, since the 3DS is at its limit. Though even that isn't an excuse for the atrocity that is Route 217. Gamefreak, please make these games run at least as fast as Black and White. - Zach808

I despise replaying DPPt for this reason. I mean sure, some other generations were also slow but NOT THROUGH THE ENTIRE GAME. What were they thinking? - Rue

Wait, so slow pace doesn't just apply to Gen IV's story? Hopefully, if it were to be released on the Nintendo 3DS (I'm not sure my parents are going to let me buy a Nintendo Switch), data processing speed won't be a problem. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The games were not THAT slow. Everyone exaggerates this. - KalloFox34

2 Base the story on Platinum, not Diamond and Pearl

Platinum's story was godly. - Userguy44

You all remember the story in Diamond and Pearl, right? No? Thought so. It wasn't until Platinum when Cyrus started to become an interesting villain, the lore of Sinnoh got developed enough, and the side characters became memorable. Before Platinum, Team Galactic feels a lot more generic, more like they had to add a villain team because they always do. I know they got away with strictly remaking Ruby and Sapphire when making ORAS, but Platinum upgraded these games to a much greater degree than Emerald built on R/S, so this time there's no excuse. - Zach808

We don't need another Delta episode treatment. We want the full package. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I agree, the story of Platinum was superior. - Rue

3 Make the Event Legendaries part of the main game

No one likes event legendaries that they can't get without asking the guy at Gamestop for some card. One thing I loved that happened in ORAS was how they incorporated Deoxys into the postgame, so a pokemon that was never normally available before then actually expanded the story somewhat. Think of the storylines that could happen if Darkrai, Arceus, or Manaphy were brought into the main story (or at least as postgame content). Also, needing the Regis from Hoenn in order to unlock Regigigas and make the Regis available around Sinnoh is just brain-meltingly stupid. Fix that, please. - Zach808

Finding Arceus the way it originally intended as a non event would be bad ass. - Rue

4 Expand the Battle Frontier

The Battle Frontier in Emerald was amazing. I lost myself for hours in that thing. Same with the one in Platinum, though maybe a little less so. Since then... nothing. The fact that they didn't bring it back in ORAS is facepalm-worthy. Gamefreak, this is your chance at redemption. Bring back the one in Platinum, and maybe add some more facilities. That thing added so much to do after beating the game, that I could forgive a lot of other mistakes if they just brought it back. - Zach808

5 Add more evolutions to old Pokemon

One thing I really liked about generation 4 in general is how they took several old, kind of forgettable pokemon, and gave them some amazing evolutions. We got Gliscor, Togekiss, Gallade, Weavile, Honchkrow, etc., and for the most part, they were awesome. Yes, there is mega-evolutions, but they're not really the same. Maybe this could be a possible change to gen 8 in general, since usually Pokemon aren't added mid-generation, but it's something I'd like to see added. Not only did they give some Pokemon some new life, but it also helped shake up competitive play even more. The Pokemon that need evolutions badly could be its own list. - Zach808

Instead of making crappy Pokemon knockoffs of each other (Example: Hoothoot - Rowlett) they should just make more evolutions - TwilightKitsune

Komala would be a much desired candidate for me that should get a new evolutionary stage. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This doesn't happen with remakes, it happens with next gen introductary games for the said next gen. (For example: XY) - Rue

6 Upgrade the online capabilities

I'm not sure a jump on the level of the gen 3 to 4 transition is possible anymore, but there are still a lot of things that can be done to improve online play. This is another reason why I think they should wait until the Switch to make these games. Gen 7 was great, but the Festival Plaza is clunky as hell. I'm thinking revert back to the gen 6 PSS system, but better. Add features like voice (or text) chat, so you can not only battle, but also make friends with people online. If possible, also help balance the competitive metagame, though this seems to happen naturally every generation, so this isn't as big of a priority. - Zach808

Didn't Gen 5 have voice chat? I swear I was talking to a friend and his wife through trading in BW2 - Rue

7 Overhaul the Great Marsh

Here's another thing that completely sucked in Sinnoh: The Safari Zone clone that involved getting stuck in a swamp over and over. No one enjoyed having to dig themselves out of the mud repeatedly. Not only that, but the Pokemon hiding there were pretty lackluster. Now there are a lot more Pokemon, so they should really add whatever they can to improve the place. And while we're at it, get rid of the rocks and bait gimmick that plagued the first 4 generations and made capturing Pokemon in these places a luck-based. Surely they can think of a different minigame, right? - Zach808

8 Expand the Underground

I was really impressed with the Super Secret Bases in ORAS. They actually made setting up a secret base and hunting for flags much more compelling than before. An overhaul on that level would be much appreciated. Maybe add more minigames to get loot down there as well. There are so many possibilities. - Zach808

9 Make contests less luck-based

Here's something I was dissappointed with in ORAS: The contests. They did almost nothing to improve them from R/S. Granted, that's still better than what they did in gen 4, which was add that pick-a-judge system that made contests almost impossible. If there's anyone who can complete the highest level of contests, then congratulations, you should either enter the Lottery, or try to beat Dark Souls blindfolded. Contests are more of a distraction, which is why they're low on the list, but I really hope they at least do something to make them more fun. - Zach808

I don't see why you say that contests are luck-based. I worked on strategies, making pokeblocks, and working on perfect movesets for a short amount of time and I now find that master rank is too easy. Even beating Lisia, Wallace, and Chaz, sometimes all in one contest, is way too easy. So I say make contests more fun and challenging by making them more like the contests in the anime. Contests require strategy not luck.

I hated gen 4 contests, ESPECIALLY with making poffins to give pokemon certain contest stats. Making those made my hand acke so bad - Rue

10 Add More Mega Evolutions

Gen 4 pokemon I would not mind getting a mega:
luxray, purugly, ambipom, bronzing, tangrowth, gallade, togekiss, yanmega, uxie, mespirit, azelf and cresselia. (the starters too but eh)

The Z-Moves had their spotlight, so now it's time for what we really want: more Mega Evolutions. Game Freak, I need a Mega Flygon (and maybe a Mega Milotic? ) ASAP. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Mega Sinnoh Starters. Especially, Infernape.

The Contenders

11 Give Arceus a "1000 arms" form

And this form gains the Protean ability - KalloFox34

This just sounds hilarious when picturing it. - Wolftail

NO - Rue

12 Nerf the EXP Share until after the main story

I think it is personally better after the 4th or 6th gym,Because if it is right after,It will take FOREVER to balance your team. - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

I love the new EXP Share. It makes raising teams a lot easier. That said, there is no reason to get such a ridiculous amount of EXP until after the main story is completed. I typically get around this by using about half a box worth of team members throughout the course of the game, but I'm pretty sure that's not the way people normally play. I've seen so many horror stories about people just cruising through the story about 30 levels higher than they should be, so just playing normally makes the game WAY too easy. I'm thinking either change it back to the old method of sharing the EXP with 1 other Pokemon, or toning it down to a 20% gain until you can get it upgraded to 50% after the main story. Maybe after beating the postgame, add the option for 75% or higher. I think this would give the game a bit more balance, maybe allow for switching out a few team members during your playthrough, but not becoming so overpowered that you can lazily spam A through everything. - Zach808

Why don't people turn it off when they feel like they are getting too overleveled? I did this with XY/SM so I don't accidentally over level. There isn't anything wrong with temporarily shutting it off. - Rue

This made my Incineroar and Snorlax overpowered early in the main story in Pokémon Sun, so I had to deposit them for lesser OP Pokémon to really challenge myself. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

13 Bring back the Game Corner

They can't. Gamefreak doesn't want to lose the E for everyone rating and in other countries, having some kind of "gambling" goes against that rating. We lost game corners literally because of controversy with parents not wanting "their children influenced by gambling" - Rue

The European version of D/P didn't even have it. Thanks, pussified ratings systems. - Zach808

14 Give Cheren a Boss Battle


No. Bad. Bad people. - mattstat716

15 Bring back Lillie

Oh, the plotholes this would cause. This game takes place at around the same time as Red and Blue, so Lillie wouldn't even be born. I get it, you like Lillie, but this isn't the game for it. - Zach808

Is this assuming that we won't have a follow up game for Pokemon Sun and Moon? Can we chill and wait before we yell stuff like "BRING BACK LILLIE", she still has a chance of coming back to Alola. - Rue

Well,I wouldn't want her in the storyline (It's taking place in Sinnoh) but I would love it if she became a trainer and battles in the Battle Frontier,This would be her team in my opinion:
Pokemon Following: Alolan Vulpix (Not in battle,Only following her around)
Team: Alolan Ninetales,Alolan Sandslash,Alolan Marowak,Alolan Raichu,Solgaleo (Reference to the anime since I viewed Lillie a bit more of a trainer to Nebby in the games instead of Ash in the anime),Lycanroc (Midday) - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

16 Bring back Guzma
17 More Z-Moves

Uhh... Z-Moves were created in Pokemon sun and moon...

18 More fire types available during the story

I HATED THE FACT THERE WAS BARELY ANY FIRE TYPES...LIKE...All there was is Chimchar's evo line and the Ponyta line outside of Platnium. (HELL, they gave the Flint stuff like Steelix and Lopunny because there wasn't enough fire types) And what did Platnium give us...? Just the Magmar line? - Rue

19 Bring back walking pokemon

You as a trainer should get to have your pokemon traveling alongside you. You should get to choose which ones will follow you on your journey at any given time and in any place.

20 Make Sinnoh open world on the switch
21 More Mega Evolutions
22 Make Regigigas usable
23 Playable on both 3Ds and Switch
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