Top 10 Things that Needs to Happen to Dora, Caillou, Barney, Perfect Peter and Peppa Pig Combined

What do these five fictional characters all have in common? They are all hated by many people and they are all the bane of our existence so for this list we are counting down the top ten things that needs to happen to all of these horrid characters. Any ideas and thoughts for this list then please put them into my list really appreciate it.

The Top Ten

1 All Of Them Get Banned From TV
2 They All Go To Hell And Burn There
3 Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks Them All To The Sun
4 Goku's Kamehameha Turns Them All To Ashes
5 Killua Zoldyck Speedblitz Them All To Death
6 They Are All Forced To Do Jackass Stunts For Our Amusement
7 They All Listen To Justin Bieber's Baby Until Their Ears Bleed
8 They Are All Forced To Play Cat Mario
9 Deadpool Kills Them All
10 Horrid Henry Kills Them

Good one! Thanks whoever put this on!

The Newcomers

? Stratos the Tornado Titan Sucks Them Up
? Shadow Shoots Them All

The Contenders

11 Nicki Minaj Twerks in Front of Them All Until Their Heads Explode

П good one! But than:
Caillou is grounded for life
Daddy Pig gets beefy and Peppa is sorry
Barney goes to jail
Dora is abandoned in a desert
Perfect Peter goes to Military School
And the Tellietubbies all get murdered

12 They All Get Forced Into The Scary Maze Game
13 They Enter the Hunger Games and Get Noscoped by Katniss
14 The Sailor Scouts Defeat Them
15 Behead Them One by One
16 Thanos Snaps His Fingers at Them
17 Haxorus Slices Them to Pieces
18 Aegislash Stabs Them to Death
19 Ub-05 Glutton Chews and Eats Them
20 They Drink Belladonna
21 They Drive Into a Sandstorm, Get Out of the Car, and the Skin on Their Bodies Gets Sand-Blasted Off
22 They Get Sent to Prison
23 They Get Sent to a Concentration Camp
24 They Should Get Punishment Days
25 They Get Ebola
26 They Get Eaten
27 The Winx Ground Them with Their Powers
28 Thanos Disintegrates Them
29 They Stab Each Other
30 They Sink Into a Volcano
31 They Fall Into Acid
32 They Get Punched in the Face
33 Someone Pelts Them with Rocks
34 They Breathe in Cyanide
35 They All Become Feral
36 They Fall Into a Tar Pit
37 They Fall Into a Bottomless Pit
38 They Explode Randomly
39 They Get Whipped
40 They Get Sucked Into a Tornado
41 Starfire Uses Starbolt on Them All
42 They Go to Planet Vegeta
43 All of the Jedi Slice Their Heads Off
44 Sticks the Badger Bounces on Them with a Pogo Stick
45 Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin Strangle Them
46 Mario Throws Them Into Lava
47 SpongeBob Throws Them Into a Shark's Mouth
48 Paw Patrol Kicks Them
49 Pichu Kicks Them in a Black Hole
50 They Get Left on Sesame Street
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