Top Ten Things Never to Do at a Friend's House

There are some things that should go unsaid that you don't do at a friends house. Unfortunately, they need to be said. What are the top ten things that you should never do at a friends house?

The Top Ten

1 Plug out

If you plug out every chance you get, you need to loosen up your schedule - KnSlash

2 Talk about other friends
3 Talk with other friends over chat
4 Talk about friends that the other person doesn't know
5 Bring up inside jokes that the other person doesn't get
6 Run off and do your own thing

Yes that is the complete opposite of what you are supposed to be doing - CoolCat999

7 Make yourself too at home
8 Use the host's personal stuff

"Hey, mate, can I borrow one of your flossers? I'll give it back once it comes out."
"Erm..." - PositronWildhawk

9 Masturbate
10 Say "I don't care" when you actually do

The Contenders

11 Fall asleep

Your friend would do the hand in a bowl of warm water trick then write "(insert name of your friend) WAS HERE" on your forehead - Lunala

Two words: Sharpie mustache - ThatkidwiththeContacts

Not bad if it's a sleepover.

12 Complain about everything

Obviously! If that's the attitude you're bringing, best stay at home - KnutHudson

Come on guys! Push this to number 10! - KnSlash

"I don't like your television... *after 5 minutes*... I don't like the food made in your house... *after 5 minutes*... I don't like this house at all! " - Kiteretsunu

13 Kill them
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