Top Ten Things to Never Google

Sometimes Google has innocent keywords but omg the results

The Top Ten

1 2 Girls 1 Cup

If you don't know what this is
It's two lesbians making out
Pooping into a cup
Eating the poop
And puking into each other's mouths
I dare you to eat chocolate ice cream after watching 😈

2 Blue Waffle

I saw and heard of this..

3 Lemon Party

I love lemons so I am going to Lemon party

4 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick

I never heard of it but I am gina get weird feelings

5 Tryphobia

This may be innocent but it is people with clusters of holes inside the,

6 Tub Girl

Whoops sorry I mixed it up with 4 girls fingerpaint

I nearly pused when I heard of this
There is the results:
Paint - poop
Painting - themselfs but naked

7 Shovel Dog
8 Skin Conditions
9 Red Waffle

It's a worse and more yucky blue waffle
It's a more bloody thing

10 Pain Olympics

It's men that cut off their own penis to win

The Contenders

11 4 Girls Fingerpaint

Thank you for this, I forgot this one

12 2g1c Alvin and the chipmunks
13 E.D - Bart Baker
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