Things to Never Say to a Single Person

If you are single, what are the lines that you hate to hear because they are condescending, thoughtless, trite, cliche, etc.? This list was started using cliches from dating blogger Erin Meanley's post titled "19 Things You Should Never Say to a Single Person but feel free to add lines that were not included in the original post.

The Top Ten Things to Never Say to a Single Person

1 There are plenty of fish in the sea

Yeh I am ichphiophobic

There maybe plenty of fishes in the sea, but none of them will ever be her. Because she's the only one I will ever love. Who invented this crappy phrase anyway? I bet he never had a broken heart before. - aeromaxx777

I always found this "statement" so stupid - Alexandr

A lot of women, only use you in a rebound level of getting out of a relationship or marriage. Many others don't care about your needs and wants nad are very cynical about you wanting to have children.

2 So, why are you single?
3 Have you tried online dating?

Someone: "Have you tried online dating? "
Me: "No! I will not try online dating at all and I don't trust it. Face to Face dating is a lot better."

4 But you're so pretty! Why don't you have a boyfriend?


if we were so pretty, why WOULDN'T we?

5 Wow, I wish I were single and in your shoes!
6 It happens when you're not looking.

Really? So if I'm not looking, how will I see it happening? Don't ever say that again, please, just don't.

How are you supposed to know!

7 It just wasn't meant to be.
8 You're too picky.

I'm not going to lower my standards just to get a date.

9 When the time is right, you will meet someone.

Too tired of hearing this, for the last several 14 years.

10 It was just bad timing.

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11 So you're single. Does that mean you're a virgin too?
12 You have to love yourself before anyone can love you.

Bull. Not loving yourself doesn't make you unloveable or less deserving of love. It's a good idea to be comfortable with who you are before heading into a relationship but I've seen others find mates who loved them enough to show them how to love themselves if they didn't know how. In fact, it's how the deepest relationships can develop. Often, people who grew up unloved have more difficulty finding love, whereas people who grew up loved tend to find love, marriage, etc. More easily. It's why people promote this dumb cliches like this, we just live in a selfish, superficial world.

13 Just accept the fact that you will never ever be loved by anyone

Oh my broken heart! You guys have no idea how many times I've heard this. Maybe its true? - aeromaxx777

14 You don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Wow, you suck!
15 How about I hook you up with my sister?
16 Are you gay?
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