Top 10 Things Nicki Minaj and Donald Trump Have In Common


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1 They both have a part of their body which is fake

Trump's hair is amazingly not fake whether you like it or not, but if anybody even slightly criticizes Hillary Clinton's hair, they are blasted to pieces.

What might that be, and how would you know?

Why do you still care about the way Donald Trump's hair looks, TwilightKitsune? - GamerBoy

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2 They are both rude
3 They are both spoiled
4 They are both gross

"Gross? " Gee, that's REALLY specific. Could you broaden it so those who weren't blessed with your beautiful mind might understand?

Gee, don't you think that makes you sound like a trump supporter? - AnonymousChick

5 They both are hated brutally on TheTopTens

Well, that alone qualifies for sainthood.

6 They both have failed relationships

So rare, right?

7 They both have horrible voices

I find Trump's voice "soothing" for some reason - Ptikobj

8 They both don't deserve to be rich

Donald Trump is just encouraging rascism, not a good thing. Nicki Minaj makes terrible music with no talent, not a good thing.

9 They are both ugly

Well, nicki minaj is not exactly ugly in my opinion. I am definitely not saying I like her by the way

You really are an evolved creature.

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10 They are both obsessed with sex
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