Top 10 Things that Nintendo Needs to Bring Back


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1 Metroid

They are on the Nintendo Switch - Kid_ethinederland

2 F-Zero
3 Earthbound
4 All of the amazing fangames that they issued copyright strikes on, especially AM2R

Fan games suck. They should be ashamed of themselves for making such garbage. - Frouze

5 Satoru Iwata from the dead
6 The Wario franchise
7 The Target Test mode from Super Smash Bros. Melee
8 Weird and bizarre commercials for their games
9 The Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
10 Looking up women's skirts in Super Smash Bros.

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11 The days before they started making mediocre I-Phone ripoffs of their own official games
12 Super Smash Bros. Melee's physics engine

Melee was already fast enough, before the speed went dramatically downhill in Brawl... - TrueWolf99

13 The original Super Mario RPG franchise from the 90s
14 Mario cartoons
15 The Classic mode from Super Smash Bros. Melee
16 Evil Samus clones
17 Dark Link
18 The days when you didn't have to buy ridiculously overpriced DLC just to fully experience their games
19 The original Classic mode from Super Smash Bros 64
20 The Metroid Prime games actually being considered part of the franchise's canonical timeline
21 Mike Tyson in Punch-Out
22 The "n**** stole my bike" meme from Punch-Out

They didn't create that.

23 Mega Man
24 Castlevania
25 Snake in Super Smash Bros.
26 Waluigi
27 Cave Story
28 Transforming between Sheik and Zelda in Super Smash Bros.
29 Final Fantasy VI
30 Startropics
31 Mario Hoops
32 Paper Mario
33 The F-Zero Anime
34 Earthworm Jim
35 Non-gimmicky consoles
36 Nintendo Power
37 The days when they weren't complete and utter copyright whores
38 Gunpei Yokoi from the dead
39 Pikmin
40 Nintendogs
41 Resident Evil
42 Duck Hunt
43 Robotic operating buddies
44 Good character rosters in the Mario Kart series
45 Metal Gear Solid
46 Kid Icarus
47 Punch-Out!
48 Mortal Kombat
50 Sonic to his former glory
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