Top 10 Things Nintendo Should Do In Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

The Top Ten Things Nintendo Should Do In Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

1 Make Paper Fawful and bring back Dimentio
2 Bring back the partners from the first two Paper Mario games.
3 Make Princess Daisy appear in this game

I never seen Princess Daisy in a single RPG Mario game. I really want Princess Daisy appearing in other games instead of Racing and Sport Games

Oh hell no, keep this itrelevant tramp where she belongs: in the dumpster.

This.. - ParkerFang

4 Add Paper Koopalings
5 Put 3D and Paper Rosalina in it

No no no - darthvadern

I would prefer a space level in the book with Rosalina in it! - Super64Mario

I wonder what 3D and Paper Rosalina will look like?

6 Bring back the Star Spirits
7 Bring back Count Bleck
8 Add Mad Piano
9 Use Luigi Death Stare as an Attack
10 Make it puzzling but not too confusing

The Contenders

11 Make platforming areas
12 Add the wiggler boss in Super Mario Sunshine

I always like this boss in Super Mario Sunshine. I like how he is the biggest wiggler in the Mario series

13 Amiibo system

Yes... I'd love to see the SSB amiibos used again.

Paper Sonic :D

14 Make Paper Mario use the same paper moves in TTYD

I'm not saying that P. Mario can have all the TTYD abilities when he is not in battle like he can turn into a Paper Airplane. Just the Airplane and a Boat in my opinion

15 Remove the Koopalings

I honestly love them but the ones that say they suck can put them there

Wait backs up I don’t anymore

16 Make their own Space Jam mashup
17 Put Paper Luigi in it.
18 Put Yoshi (and Paper Yoshi) in it
19 Put in the Koopalings

Koopalings are in...and they suck. Recycled boss battles included.

20 Extend the game

Make it like Super Paper Mario: don't end it like Bowser. Make it like it!

Seriously. What if they beat Paper Bowser then on the time they sealed him. the Book sucks up him, Mario and Luigi, Paper Mario, and all of the characters you know (Toad, Peach and Paper Peach.) - Super64Mario

21 Use Trio Attacks
22 Use Bro Attacks from Superstar Saga
23 Make the bosses less difficult
24 Use Punching As An Attack
25 Kill the Koopalings
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