Top Ten Things Nobody Can Agree on

Do you have an opinion? Don't answer, because the answer is yes. And when you have a very strong opinion, it's difficult to coexist with individuals whose beliefs contradict yours. While some topics--such as mass genocide--are widely agreed upon as awful, just as many things can pave the way for a large number of opinions. Sometimes, there are so many opinions about one topic that virtually no one can agree upon what's correct. Let's list ten.

The Top Ten

1 Controversial Lists

It would seem that controversy would
indicate lack of agreement, so, duh.

2 The Holocaust

Some believe that the Holocaust was simply a misunderstood series of deeds or just never happened in the first place. I would like to stay neutral here... but I won't. Anyone who thinks the Holocaust was a good thing is a scumbag or just plain out of their minds. Your history teacher would probably agree with me on this. - TehBoss

3 Religion
4 Homosexuality
5 Evolution

Many heptillions of years ago, in a fever swamp far, far away, the ancient ancestor of the Evols magically appeared when an ancient gutworm larva emerged from the stool of a Crocagatorsauraus and swam into an empty can of Red Bull which, at the time, was preserved with prestidigita-90 (the "changeling isotope"). Twenty-two minutes and 12.17463 seconds later, the first, fully formed, fully equipped proto-Evol emerged. The rest is history, and Evols have been getting dumber ever since.

6 Abortion

I have such strong opinions on this subject. Probably best that I don't get started on it. - Britgirl

Abortion is murder. - LordDovahkiin

7 Vegetarianism

Can't subscribe to any religion that worships kumquats.

8 Taxes
9 Feminism

Is stupid and pointless. Well, American Feminism is pointless and stupid. - LordDovahkiin

10 Freedom of Speech

The Contenders

11 Violence

Because Violence is useless. - Userguy44

12 How to eat eggs
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