Top 10 Things Nobody Says

Well this list is all stuff you won't here anyone say EVER! By the way some of these are from Ricky Dillon's video Stuff Nobody Says.

The Top Ten

1 It's Summer Better Gain Those Extra Pounds
2 Who Would Ever Want Free Money?

Who wouldn't?!
I really enjoyed this list, happy! And by the way... It's April 1st : Happy B'day! Have a lovely time today! - HezarioSeth

3 Yes! I Got Negative Twenty Likes!
4 Giovanna Plowman is Such an Inspiration. Her Parents Must Be So Proud.
5 TheTopTens is the Worst Site EVER!
6 Justin Bieber Should Totally Be a Rehab Specialist
7 Let's Yahoo That
8 Unicorns Are Lame
9 Paris Hilton is Such a Great Singer and Actress
10 Hey! We Should Hire That Pedophile As a Baby Sitter. It Says on His Description He Loves Kids.

Such an irony of a statement.

I'd get him/her over here lickety-split! And just make sure nothing goes wrong. - PositronWildhawk

Pos - thank you for the laugh! - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 I Have Two Ice Cream Cones, But I Only Need One!
12 How I Met Your Mother Never Drags on and Totally Gets To the Point

I've been watching for YEARS! And we barely met the mother. - happyhappyjoyjoy

13 Stop Giving Me Free Stuff
14 Obama and Bush are so Great We Should Let Them Run Again and Be Co-Presidents

Haha I can't stop laughing! Anyway, I think this list is inverted. It gets funnier as you scroll down! - keyson

15 Axe Got Me Laid
16 Yay! Math!
17 That's Too Much Bacon
18 I'll Just Have One Chip
19 I Love the Sound of My Alarm Clock In the Morning
20 My Pants Are Melting
21 Farting Is Good for the Heart
22 Bumpkins Are Inspiring
23 Roblox Is Totally Better Than Minecraft
24 Pubg Copied Minecraft
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1. Let's Yahoo That
2. Unicorns Are Lame
3. I Have Two Ice Cream Cones, But I Only Need One!
1. It's Summer Better Gain Those Extra Pounds
2. Who Would Ever Want Free Money?
3. Yes! I Got Negative Twenty Likes!


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