Top 10 Things to Not Believe About God

I said this before and I'll say it again, this is not an attack on God. It's just a list of things that people really shouldn't believe about God at all. It's fine if you're a theist but I'll tell you right now that it's gonna be hard if you actually think God is any of these things listed below.

I've stated before that God isn't omnipotent because the world is still bad. My personal theories as to why God doesn't do anything to help people is that he's either impotent, dead, or fictional. You take your pick and choose wisely.

The Top Ten

1 He's Evil

This is definitely something I don't wanna believe about God. I honestly hope he's not evil because that would be the most messed up thing to ever imagine being real. - DarkMatter1997

Man that would be messed up - Randomator

2 He's Omnipotent

Then why is there still wars, famine, hunger, rape, murder, etc. going on in the world today? If he can't stop all of it then he's not omnipotent at all.

And when I say this, I'm not insulting him. I'm just saying that it's obvious he doesn't have enough power to stop all evil in the world. - DarkMatter1997

3 He Hates Homosexuals

Homosexuality is natural. It's common in most animals besides human beings so if God wanted homosexuality to be unnatural then he probably shouldn't have made animals gay. That's just how I view it. - DarkMatter1997

If he hated homosexuals he wouldn’t have created them. - AliciaMae

4 He's Sadistic

Another thing I don't wanna believe about him. It's honestly way too scary and unnerving to think that there's a sadist in heaven that's out to get me. - DarkMatter1997

5 He Wasn't Born

Sorry but this still makes no sense. He had to come from somewhere (the only explanation could be that he just came out of existence. That's all). - DarkMatter1997

6 He Burns People in Hell For All Eternity

What is the point? Will burning someone forever really teach them a lesson? I mean after 100 years or so you're gonna have to stop burning that person and give him a break (I'm just saying that's all).

If God really does have to punish people then maybe he should have them experience all the wrongs they've ever done to others so that their punishment would end. - DarkMatter1997

7 He's Omniscient

If he knows everything then shouldn't he have known that the devil was gonna rebel against him and create his own kingdom in hell? He should've destroyed Satan while he had the chance to. If he didn't know then he's not omniscient at all. - DarkMatter1997

8 He's an Old White Bearded Man Sitting on the Clouds

I've never imagined God in this way. God (in my opinion) isn't even a person; but a person's own faith in something. That's their God. - Britgirl

I'm pretty sure God can be anything (his true form isn't an old white man that's up in the sky). - DarkMatter1997

9 He Wrote the Bible and Other Religious Books

I've stated before that the bible does have some pretty questionable things but I don't think that's what it intended (it most likely has been corrupted and altered). But I still don't think God wrote it because I believe he's impotent and that he can't intervene with the universe. - DarkMatter1997

10 His Only Name is Yahweh

He's known by many names (especially Allah which is Arabic for "God"). - DarkMatter1997

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