Top Ten Things Not to Do While Driving

A sequel to my list 10 Things Not To Do At A Stoplight. These are things people should not do while driving.

The Top Ten

1 Make a Sandwhich

What about my lunch?

Ya pretty dangerous you need two hand to do this making a sandwich. - Epicx

Oh, why do people do these things! - happyhappyjoyjoy

2 Dance

I see it so much, but you have to admit it's pretty dangerous. - happyhappyjoyjoy

3 Do Your Taxes
4 Eat With Chopsticks

My dad and I saw a guy doing this when we were driving. - happyhappyjoyjoy

5 Make a Top Ten List

Definitely not.
Just imagine you're viewing this part of this list when you get into an accident... - Solacress

6 Do Your Makeup

No! I smeared my lipstick!

7 Order a Pizza
8 Call Your Mom

Call your mum,. ,what? - Britgirl

9 Sew
10 Text

Believe me when I say YOU are not that important to have to text and drive at
The same time. Put down the phone and pay attention. YOu are driving on average
A 2 ton piece of metal that can easily kill or, if you are lucky, maim someone.
Your petty little communication is not worth a life. Grow up. - mgenet

The Contenders

11 Eat Scalding Hot Soup
12 Do Multiple Things at One Time
13 Drive With Your Legs
14 Drink Alcohol
15 Take Drugs
16 Use Your Cell Phone
17 Play Video Games
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