Top Ten Things Not to Name Your Kids After


The Top Ten

1 A Criminal

Charles Manson - MrCoolC

Geoffrey Dahmer - Demon_Kitty

I don't know, Ted Bundy is a pretty cool name

- NC

2 Your Worst Enemy

Not saying their name - Demon_Kitty

3 A Brand of Clothing

Supreme - MrCoolC

Nike - DarkBoi-X

Adidas - Demon_Kitty

4 Your Favorite Children’s Movie

Flushed Away - MrCoolC

5 A Song by Nicki Minaj

Stupid Hoe - MrCoolC

6 A Dictator

Especially if you're Jewish - Demon_Kitty

Adolf Hitler. - Userguy44

Hitler - DarkBoi-X

7 A Fortnite Skin

Fortnite is amazing, but you should not name your kid after it! - sadical

Dark Voyager - MrCoolC

8 A Food Item

Bull Testicles (Yes, people eat that) - ToddHoward

Mashed potato - Metal_Treasure

If only DJ Mustard's parents had seen this. - Zach808

Mustard - MrCoolC

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9 A Dildo

Teacher: I'm taking attendance
Teacher: dildo
Dildo: here!
*whole class laughs* - Demon_Kitty

10 Alcohol and Drugs

The twins will be called cocaine and crack - Demon_Kitty

The Contenders

11 Something that You Throw in the Trash or Recycling

Paper - MrCoolC

Can - Demon_Kitty

Like “Food Wrapper” or something. - sadical

12 The First Random Word You Think Of

Me:what should I name my child
(Thinks about hanging myself)
Me:we'll name it hang me! - Demon_Kitty

13 A Drug Lord

It makes teachers and other adults think that their bad - Commitdie224

Miley Cyrus - Demon_Kitty

14 A Weapon

Like Assault Rifle or Compact SMG! Or maybe I play fortnite too much. - sadical

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