Things not to do as a server if you want a tip

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1 Being rude the whole time until the check comes and it's tip time

Hello, News Flash! You will Not get a decent tip if the only time you are nice/or attentive is when the check comes and it is time for me to decide your tip.

2 Not refilling water and/or drinks with refills

That has got to be one of my biggest irritations. If I am thirsty, your tip will be... Dehydrated.

3 Getting order wrong
4 Bringing the meal and the check at the same time and disappearing/not coming back until time to be your cashier.

This makes the most sense in places where you bring your check to the front and pay, but it can happen in places where they are your cashier also, and they only return to collect your check. Fine way not to get a tip.

5 Having to ask another server for something/anything
6 Having to ask more than once for something

If I have to ask twice for something, I'm gonna be mad, because chances are, it's something that I want before I start eating.

7 Not giving enough time to decide on menu
8 Poor hygene

You are serving me FOOD, Take a Shower!

9 Never clearing any dishes

I hate having No elbow room because the server to lazy to clear one or two of them away.

10 Wear pierced jewelry on your tongue, eyebrow, or lip

I totally agree with the lip and tongue, eyebrow isn't quite as bad

The Contenders

11 Hitting on your date

This one was kind of funny. There should be a list titled, "Top ten things to do to someones food if you suspect they are too cheap to tip" (Trust me, your server knows who you are). - unclejoe1917

12 Chew gum

A fun but vulgar pastime that should not be done in public---especially by an employee who is working

13 Spilling food in the person's lap.

I would kikll them if they did that - Okami

14 Topping off coffee without asking

I season my coffee Just Right, and I can't stand it when they just fill it halfway, and I have to re-season it to taste. ASK First!

15 Acting irritated that you have to actually take an order

Don't act like your doing me an unpleasant favor when you take my order and then expect that I'm not going to find it unpleasant tipping you, I won't tip you! - ekos

16 Wearing pants too low

I don�t want to see your underwear or but crack especially when I�m trying to eat.

17 Making yourself obvious
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