Top Ten Things Older Siblings Need to Understand


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1 We didn't ruin your life
2 We didn't ask to be born

Stop acting like it was my fault

3 I would be happy without you too

I definitely will be. - 906389

4 You may be older but that doesn't give you permission to hurt us
5 Pop is BAD music

Tell that to MY younger sister, I like emo, screamo, indie, punk, Nirvana which is a grunge band and Black Veil Brides which is a glamcore band. My sister likes Nicki Minaj and Justin Beiber - ToptenPizza

...that is offensive. I love pop so much, and I'm an only child.

Not every older sibling likes pop, and you don't have to be the older child to like pop.

6 Keep it down. It's midnight and you are still partying

That's my brother even though he can be nice she is just so annoying when he is playing his guitar

7 We aren't as bad as you think we are

...tell that to my sister.

8 You don't understand us
9 Entering a room naked and saying that we are siblings IS NOT an excuse

..people do that?

10 We don't need to respect you

My brother thinks I should respect but I don't not in the slightest he thinks that he is my superior I mean just now he forced me to get dressed and finally he hates it when I go into his room or take his stuff without asking even when he is not in the house

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11 Stop hating us
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