Top Ten Things Older Siblings Need to Understand

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1 We didn't ruin your life

You ruined your own life. - HelloUniverse

2 We didn't ask to be born

Stop acting like it was my fault

3 I would be happy without you too

I wish my brother was gone.-.

I definitely will be. - 906389

4 You may be older but that doesn't give you permission to hurt us
5 Pop is BAD music

Tell that to MY younger sister, I like emo, screamo, indie, punk, Nirvana which is a grunge band and Black Veil Brides which is a glamcore band. My sister likes Nicki Minaj and Justin Beiber - ToptenPizza

...that is offensive. I love pop so much, and I'm an only child.

Not every older sibling likes pop, and you don't have to be the older child to like pop.

6 Keep it down. It's midnight and you are still partying

As an older sibling I never did this. My younger sibling does and it's the most obnoxious thing. To siblings that do this: you could not be more annoying to someone who already has to put up with you all day than to disrupt the few hours the house is quiet.

That's my brother even though he can be nice she is just so annoying when he is playing his guitar

7 We aren't as bad as you think we are

...tell that to my sister.

8 You don't understand us
9 Entering a room naked and saying that we are siblings IS NOT an excuse

..people do that?

10 We don't need to respect you

yes you do

My brother thinks I should respect but I don't not in the slightest he thinks that he is my superior I mean just now he forced me to get dressed and finally he hates it when I go into his room or take his stuff without asking even when he is not in the house

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11 Stop hating us
12 The older sibling is not always innocent

My brother blames everything on me

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