Top Ten Things That Only Happen In the Movies

A lot of typical day-to-day activities we think of as being normal are only so normal because of the media's portrayal of them. They may be subtle, or a little extreme in nature, but because we're so used to seeing them happen on the big screen, we just naturally assume they're realistic parts of everyday life.

The Top Ten

People acting like idiots in horror movies

-"Maybe we should split up.."
-"Good idea! " NOT. - NoSoup4You

Stopping a wedding

Fantastically relatable list. This is exactly what goes through my mind! - keycha1n

One of my all-time favourite films (and soundtracks), The Graduate, has this happen, and even though it's completely unbelieveable, it's perfect. - PetSounds

Lol. I love this too. When Seinfeld was going to end I wrote a script for the finale with Jerry & Elaine deciding "what the heck let's get married". Kramer realizes his true love for Elaine and runs through the streets a la Dustin Hoffman & pounds on the glass screaming "Elaine, Elaine". - Billyv

The car won't start

No matter how crappy the car (even if it's a Chevy), I have never seen one just not start. Only in the movies - Shake_n_Bake13

Exactly! Especially happens in slasher films. Some maniac with a chainsaw is chasing his victim, who runs to the safety of her car... And them wouldn' t you just know it, it won't start! - Britgirl

Oh. This happened to me ONCE - AnonymousChick

Well-choreographed dance numbers

Not to mention fight/battle sequences! - PositronWildhawk

There is always feedback when you turn on a microphone
Bombs with big-screen timers and three colorful wires
There is always a parade or a crowd to get lost in
Police officers dying one week from retirement
Highschools all have every cliché

High school is not a musical. Especially when you're studying for finals. - ethanmeinster

You grab onto a branch when you are about to fall off a cliff

Exactly. I can't tell you how many times this has happened in movies. - Minecraftcrazy530

The Contenders

Hiding in the vents

There's not vents everywhere if they noticed - kittylitature2

Someone almost falls off a cliff but is pulled up.

How the heck could you pull a panicking, 150 pound person from a fatal, I'd say about 3-5 thousand foot, drop?

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
Someone is about to die.... But lives
It just happened to work, because of luck
Guns making a "click" when cocked

Revolvers click because the hammer locks in place. Semi autos have hammers too, sometimes.

If you hear a click, the safety has actually been put on. - PetSounds

Not being seen when you stand still
Have sex in a horror house
A girl that looks happy and beautiful 24/7

Even after sleeping? That's a bunch of nonsense. - ethanmeinster

When someone starts singing, everyone immediately know the lyrics

Unless we're in a perfect Utopia, 9 out of 10 times, you would be the only one singing.

Not saying 'goodbye' at the end of a phone call
Happy Endings

Emphasis on the song it's not like the movies - AnonymousChick

Before school family breakfasts
Damsel in distress
The dog dies

It happens so much that I get annoyed instead of saddened - higgsboson2142

People breaking into song
Walking away from an explosion

In real life the force could still push you

The killer is hiding in the back seat
Shooting a gun that never needs reloading
There is always a storm and woods in horror films
Musicals happening out of nowhere
All teens being moody and stupid
The cops show up immediately after the fight
Reference to Some Popular Show, Movie, Comic Book Etc.
Hero can always hold breath longer than villain
Hot wiring a car magically unlocks the steering wheel
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