Top Ten Things Parents Need to Stop Doing

Hey parents or soon to be parents reading this, I'm a 13 year old so you probably won't listen to me but you should. I'm trying to help you be better and DON'T do these to your children.

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1 Abusing their children

Depends on what is abuse. Spanking for things like say, physically bullying someone isn't abuse but say, bashing their heads against the wall for small things like getting an average grade, now that's abuse.

Depends on what you may consider as "abuse". Cause a lot of the time when parents discipline their children, children take it the wrong way thinking it's abuse & starts to build a growing hatred towards their parents.

Child abuse is wrong in all ways. The worst part abt child abuse is that someone's abusing their own child. Their blood. Their FAMILY. It's so screwed up that people who are supposed to love you more than anything abuse children.

I think like some people. Um, like they hit their kid, but I don't think it's bad. But if use something like a cable it's bad, my mother uses her hand.

2 Trying to control their children's life

Children should make their own choices. They are not their parents, they are themselves

Only after you reach adulthood. If you're still a minor, then your parents do need a partial control over your lives. If children are let go off completely without any guidance saying it's "their life", then they most probably won't end up in the right place.

Let them wear what they want or listen to what music they want.

I agree with this. Here a story for y'all, My teachers says, "You guys need free time and not just work time.", but there is one problem... PARENTS. My parents make me study all day! Also, WHAT PARENT MAKES ME CLEAN UP AFTER THEM, LIKE I'M AM NO BUTLER!

3 Spanking children

Ikr!? It needs to stop! I'm sick of kids being treated this way just because they don't want to do something you want them to do. Parents need to learn that beating your child is child abuse. Parents also need to know that not everything has to go their way just because they are the adults.

Spanking is necessary. After having years of that, I'm glad I did.

Ever wonder why Asian countries are considered as some of the most respectful countries in the world?

This one is a hard one up until the 00s most parents spanked or took a belt to their child, now with everyone trying to be as safe as possible everything becomes much more difficult.

4 Dictating career choices

Children should do whatever jobs they want. They don’t have to be high-paying. They should be something the child enjoys

Well, one hand it might sound like a moral thing to not force your kids career choices. But on the other hand, that doesn't mean that you should completely let go off your kids letting them do whatever they want saying it's their life. If your child wants to be a construction worker or some other menial job, it's better to counsel your child to consider other career choices possibly a better one. - Joeljohns249

I don't agree with you. Parents have a right to choose what their children should do when they reach legal age. First, they should be out of the house. Next, they should become medical workers, no matter what they whine about. That's enough money to support my life, too, and that's all I ask. - likus

Just let them do what they want with their life. Why does it matter to you anyway?

It’s fine if they want to offer suggestions but at the end of the day the kids should decide what they want to do - Randomator

5 Putting pressure on their children

Please try not to do this. A little bit of pressure is okay to motivate your children but I can say from experience that a ton of parental pressure is not healthy.

Depends on the context. If it's related to studies & stuff like that, a little push is always needed in order to guide & motivate you to the right direction

Dear Asian parents, please stop forcing us to be doctors, lawyers, and engineers. It may not be the right career choice for us. Also please accept A- and B+ grades. They are excellent. Sincerely, every Asian child born in America.

It causes major anxiety and can lead to serious issues later on in life.

6 Let their kids smoke/vape

that's illegal, at least in the us, I don't know about other countries.

Sorry, but your lungs will be a bit damaged if you do that. Sure, it may relax you, but there are consequences that can remain on your lungs. - yamionthetrap

It's irresponsible and will cause your child to have lung issues later on in life.

Kids will be kids, it is hard to stop them from doing what they want to do - germshep24

7 Telling children what music to listen to

It's obvious as to why parents are concerned about what kind of music their children are listening to. If music lyrics are taken so seriously more than the musician intended to, it can be a bad influence on children. So the basic thing that parents need to teach their kids is that they can listen to whatever music they want to, but just don't take every song lyric so seriously. Like if a Cannibal Corpse song has lyrics referencing to necrophilia, that doesn't mean you should go out to the mortuary molesting dead bodies, nor do the musicians who made the song want you to. They are all made with entertainment & humor in heart.

Let your kids decide what kind of they music they want to listen to.

... No. Music is a bad influence in general and can give children ideas. I've failed as a parent if my child learns what sex is before the age of 21. Disgusting. Music, I dare say, is most definitely NOT tolerated in my household. - likus

It's their ears not yours. Everyone swears, Sex is a normal part of life, and people can sing abt whatever they want.

What you said applies to teenagers maybe, but I don't get why a 7-year-old's parents should let him/her watch sex songs with videos where men are sleeping with two women. - Alkadikce

Children should listen to music that resonates with them

8 Take away children's electronics

Strongly disagree. If taking away your electronics brings you so much pressure & anxiety even at such a young age, that only goes off to show how much you are addicted to that object.

I kind of disagree, I don't think parents should take away a kid's phone, but something like a laptop or tablet can get taken away. You can use for phone for emergencies.

Trust me, it impacts your children negatively. It impacts me negatively pretty much. It doesn't work at all. It just makes things worse and puts pressure on your children and gives them anxiety.

I think there are cases where this is completely warranted, but if they go and just take it fully away forever or break them or something, that is almost always not the right thing to do

9 Giving little kids cell phones

In my opinion, kids should get cell phones when they are at least 11

I disagree. I especially disagree with @Archived. Children should get a phone before they get to middle school, kids shouldn't be monitored at all times.

If you don't monitor what your kids are doing, they could go down the road of addiction and be impossible to control. I've dealt with it before, and it's not fun. - Archived

My mom said she will give me my phone when I'm 15 turns out I got it when I was 9 lol.

Kids really don't need phones until they're like 13, although id probably wait until 14 or 15 for my kid. I know it'd suck for the kid but I'm glad I didn't get one very young because I know if I did then I would have turned out a lot worse

10 Let children dress how they want

My parents want me to wear feminine clothes even though I am a tomboy

Nope. You shouldn't let your child dress like Nicky Minaj from Anaconda exposing everything even if they want to. It's bad enough sexual harassment cases & pedophiles are increasing number. Now you want to attract pedos towards your child?

I don't even understand what are people expecting with this kind of clothing. They probably want to seek attention, but when they get it, they aren't happy about that. - Alkadikce

If it's showing their skins, then no. Not to kids in 8-12 years old. Pedophiles will increases the chances of sexual harassment to them. Do that at the start of 17-23 years old.

Let your kids express themselves, just don't let them go out wearing skimpy stuff or needlessly offensive stuff, that's just not smart

That's most utterly disgusting. All body parts should be covered- neck, hands, feet. Hair cut short. I don't want boys looking at my daughter. - likus

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? Looking through their kid's texts

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11 Not accepting their children's sexuality

My parents thought I was going through a phase when I told them I was bisexual

my parents were pretty much like "ok then" about my asexuality, but

I agree that parents should accept their kids' sexuality whether they are gay or straight. But if they want to go to extremes like change their gender for example, that's an entire different conversation & no sudden decisions should be taken without long consideration

Thankfully my parents accept me for being Bi though it took a while for them to come around.

12 Spoiling children

My relatives must learn how to say "no" whenever my little cousins tell them to buy stuff for them

Should be top 3 easily. Spoiling children just teaches them that they can get whatever they want - Randomator

Easily the worst. This whole outrage over so called "overparenting" is nuts when "overparenting" creates much better people than under parenting does. If you spoil your kid and let them control you, it will not turn out great. This list was made by little kids I bet. The only legitimate addition on here is number 1, Abusing children, which is always horrible no matter how you parent your offspring. - MattAffterburner

You still liked my quote. I am not trying to be mature. Overprotective parents aren't good, but most of the items on this list are not applying to overprotective parents, but rather moderate parents. For example, Taking away electronics I probably the stupidest item on this list, as if a father will not punish his children for doing wrong, than how does that child know what is wrong and why they can't do it? Another example, putting pressure on children, is a natural part of life, not just parenting. Teachers put pressure on students, bosses put pressure on workers, coaches put pressure on whom they are coaching. Pressure makes success more likely, and makes your brain work more fervently. If you cannot handle pressure from a parent, you will not be able to handle the pressure the world puts on you to do well.
Besides, your comment doesn't make any sense. You haven't experienced high school yet, or probably even a rigorous school. Please, if you haven't parented, even a little ...more - MattAffterburner

This is easily top-3 material for this list - Joeljohns249

13 Drinking

Agreed. And not just minors, I don't think even college kids should be allowed to drink - Joeljohns249

Yep, there is an age limit. - Userguy44

14 Being overprotective

Overprotective parents are the reason why I go to Incognito mode.

Tell that to my mom!

dear lord yes

My mom is very overprotective of me

15 Go to school to spy on them

My school has cameras where parents can see what's going on through their websites. - XxembermasterxX

Uhhh who does this?

16 Yelling at them for doing something wrong.

My parents used to yell at me when I was a toddler and now I have anxiety

Sometimes they need a good yelling at. Not over something minor but if they really did something horrible you should.

So you can't yell at your kids but you can at your siblings?

Nah they should.

17 Lying

Please stop lying. - XtheXlmao

18 Stop reproducing

For the ones who already had kids, you would bring more evil. By the way, if you are saying legendary bands like Slayer and Bring Me The Horizon should be banned, maybe YOU should be banned from living, you inconsiderate monstrosities!

What if they are very old though? Eh?

19 Letting children play mature video games

my parents don't allow me to play these, but I rebel. I played gta once on our shared ipad when we were young so thanks dad - starryrcad

Did you see what happened when they let kids to 12 or 13 years old playing these games? Trust me, you don't want to know. - yamionthetrap

No I can play whatever I want deal with it. - XxembermasterxX

20 Telling children the truth

Well, we talk about children! They need to learn and know the truth at their age.

They should be open to the truth about certain things as they begin puberty.

Santa Claus doesn't exist.

21 Being hypocritical

"Do. Not. Cry." Said as a parent is yelling; thus indicating THEY'RE allowed to express negative emotions but the child can't.

Like saying "don't use that tone with me" in the very tone of voice they don't want you to use.

My mom swears a lot, but doesn’t let me swear for some reason

22 Demanding Grandchildren

Maybe I don't want to have kids, retards.

I want kids - Luckys

23 Thrusting their babies in other people's faces

Weird wording.

24 Telling them when to date

Well they can date whenever they want as long as they are in middle school at least - Randomator

There is a hook:

13 years old? That has to wait. You're still a minor at that age.

16 & 17 years old? That is acceptable, but be wary. - yamionthetrap

Depends on the age, and being real with you, if you're 13 and your parents say you shouldn't be dating, they probably do have a point. But if you're like 16 or 17 and are going out with a person from your school, that's another story. - xEliHbkx

I think it should be at least 14. But I'm just a dumbo w/ a TTT account, so don't take me too seriously. - RoseWeasley

25 Demanding they get married

Mom: Don't date but you must get married. - XxembermasterxX

Kissing. Is. Gross

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