Top 10 Things People Are Hypocritical About

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1 Music

Well, you can challenge a person's reasoning about a certain person's hatred in music. If they give bad reasons, then that's when you can disprove his/her reasoning. However, when you hate on something, be prepared for some reasons to defend your (justified) hate so you won't be hypocritical.

So me, but when I have NOT listened to enough music daily. Radiohead, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Imperial Swing Orchestra, Omega etc.

Some people don't respect tastes. I don't care if you talk badly about The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, ACDC, David Bowie... But you have to respect me talking badly about Meghan Trainor, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Nicky Minaj... - Martinglez

Like some (I said some...) metalheads who will insist that pop and rap aren’t “real music”, then complain whenever someone else says the same thing about metal. - 3DG20

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2 Judging people

Judging people should be number one because people tell others not to judge anyone but they do the same thing. Also that's bullying!

I know right?! Too ironic! - Lucy1402

God, I hate this one

3 Sharing emotions
4 Getting too easily irritated
5 Food

*cough* vegans *cough*

6 Confidence
7 Relationships
8 Politics

Should be #1 considering the wide amount of damaging protests claiming Trump will damage America. I don't even recall this happening during the 2008-2012 election and even if it did happen back then it wasn't covered as much because they simply moved on anyways. - Nonpointed

9 Raising kids
10 Racism

Racism is more of an opinion than being hypocritical about it.

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11 Greed
12 Tolerance

The greatest achievement from the ones wanting tolerance as we know exactly what they are asking for now. Belittling ad hominem name calling is apparently negotiating.

Love and tolerate...unless you disagree with us.

13 Gays
14 Overpopulation
15 Sexism

Men's Rights Activists fighting against radical feminism with misogyny

16 Religion
17 Hating My Little Pony

Poor bronies ;(

18 TV Shows
19 Bullying Bullying

Person: Bullying is terrible (bullies someone else) - MLPFan

Teachers and other students: We will stand up and put an end to bullying today!
Same teachers and students: *Don’t care when someone is being bullied* - 3DG20

20 Video Games
21 Transgenderism
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