Top Ten Things People Are Judged by the Most


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1 Appearances

I once wore a shirt of an anime I loved but instead I get weird faces from people, especially those who think anime is for weirdos

I really wish prejudice did not exist... - Turkeyasylum

Sad. I actually look quite sensible... - Britgirl

Sad that it's true...

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2 Diction

I was raised by my parents to speak in clear precise English and am now labelled as middle class when in fact I'm very much working class. - Britgirl

This is very important to know someone - belarbi

3 Intelligence
4 Disabilities

Well this one is quite personal for myself! Whether it's by other people or my own negative sie of myself I'm judged a lot for this! - Curti2594

5 Occupation
6 Popularity
7 Race
8 Age

I'm really old and people me underestimate m and judge me dor it. I'm so pretty and happy, but not many people know that because they underestimate me.

9 Religion

Al lot of people ar judged by religion because they are always dione for like this punish the muslims day

People do this all the time
And it’s not helping when people feel embarrassed or sad about how other people judge them based upon religion etc

10 Health

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11 Weight
12 Lifestyle

The conservatives points finger at you...Jeez, Some people are way too dumb to understand or to judge you. - Ananya

13 Stereotypes

Because I'm a pretty shy and concealed person, everyone automatically assumes I'm some extremely innocent person. It's not exactly true though. I'm also judged whenever I try to tell a non-innocent joke or do something that you wouldn't affiliate with me.I'm also judged due to my Autism commonly and I only have a few friends that I talk to a lot and joke around with. - Turkeyasylum

14 Opinions
15 Money
16 Humor
17 Music Taste
18 Friends
19 Clothing
20 Actions
21 Education
22 Diet
23 Height
24 Social media posts
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