Top 10 Things People Blew Out of Proportion the Most


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1 Suicide of Amanda Todd

What if I told you, other people died of suicide? When someone says she isn't a hero, people will tell just say "Oh Amanda was only 12! Everybody makes mistakes! " Than they would call that person an idiot. That's bullying. And if you TRULY support Amanda Todd for whatever reason you shouldn't go around telling people to die because they think differently. Just because people don't pity her doesn't mean they are wrong.

I bet she didn't even die it was all a stunt. Maybe she wasn't even real in the first place. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Show your boobs on the internet, expect to be bullied. She's not a hero, people. - MoldySock

, she was a horrible example for all children. People are calling her an angel and a role model, when, in reality, she was a slut, and did drugs! I despise the people who think she is just amazing!

2 Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's anti-gay opinions

It was his opinion, don't get mad about it. You have the freedom of speech, don't you? Last time I checked we did. And plus, he's only suspended for a few episodes, so don't worry Duck Dynasty fans. - Alpha101


3 Justin Bieber egging a house
4 Cyber bullying epidemic

Just stay off social media it's not that difficult people, if you keep going back to these sites then it become your own fault

5 Bullying epidemic
6 Childhood obesity epidemic
7 Michael Jackson's death

I also hate how people gave him the sympathy vote on this site when he died. And it may be different, but I never saw Nelson Mandela get any sympathy votes last December. - PositronWildhawk

They tried to sue a guy who gave him the drugs he abused. - MoldySock

8 A Clockwork Orange controversy

This film made me physically sick. Awful. And I couldn't listen to the song "Singin' In The Rain" for ages afterwards. This film made me feel sick, dirty and cheap. Gah! - Britgirl

It was stopped being shown in certain areas because people thought this movie was the cause of rape and torment. - MoldySock

9 Global Warming

Not exactly. Although Canadian Winter is really a tough one to stand upto, this increase in cold is one of the side effects of global warming. The ever melting Arctic Ocean brings cold waves to the northern hemisphere (which is the cause of these ridiculously cold winters with each passing year), but if ever the Arctic completely melts of, the heat will then be felt all over the world.

Many countries near the equator, who are not a part of the northern hemisphere, are already experiencing those heat effects and climate changes with frequent changes in rainfall pattern. The ever rising sea level is a direct result of the melting Arctic Ocean. Many Arctic animals are now becoming endagered because of melting of Polar Ice caps in Arctic. If global warming is never stopped, the rising oceans would swallow many small islands distributed all over the world. - Kiteretsunu

If I ever believed in it, I would quickly be converted as soon as I stepped outdoors into the Canadian winter. - PetSounds

10 2012 end of the world scare

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11 Dwindling polar bear population
12 What Does The Fox Say?
13 Frozen
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