Top Ten Things People In Cold Climates Think During Winter

As a northerner I know all these scenarios and you might too.

The Top Ten

1 Snow can be a pain, but deep down you love it.

I have a love-hate relationship with snow.

Oh, yes - I agree with this list. I love ice fishing. Greetings from Montreal, Canada! We are close to the North Pole but global warming works for us, haha - Metal_Treasure

Sure we hate shoveling and parking bans but deep down you love skiing and snowball fights. - PianoQueen

Love: It's Beautiful
Hate: Pushes Back The Last Day Of School - JPK

2 40° weather is good enough to go without a jacket.

Not in my family, it isn't.

Some people even wear shorts outside in this weather. - PianoQueen

3 Snow days are great, but you have to make them up at the end of the year.

Then in June, when it's blazing, you're still in school…and only the office and auditorium are air conditioned. Why!? - PianoQueen

4 It is surprising when you found out that some people have never seen snow.

I know it surprised me. - PianoQueen

New England has seen a ptotiful snowfall this year (El Niño), but even then, there's been at least two or three feet. Still, it's boggling because it doesn't feel like winter unless there's like, five feet of snow outside. - keycha1n

5 In winter, Frozen is the story of your life.

Sometimes you get 3 feet of snow and wonder if Elsa actually came. Probably why Frozen was so popular. - PianoQueen

6 You wonder when spring will start
7 "Snow" is a swear word to some people.

Last winter that became a joke because we got so much snow that it might have been considered a swear word. - PianoQueen

What? - Userguy44

8 You always want to go on vacation where it's warm

I want to go on a vacation where it's cold. - cosmo

9 Jealousy occurs when it's 30° warmer down south

This is why I love Summer more, especially in Australia.

10 Snow leads to traffic problems

Very true. - Userguy44

And accidents, too

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