Top 10 Things that People Do in the Bathrooms at School


The Top Ten

1 Rub poop
2 Hide-and go seek
3 Beat up other kids
4 Don't flush the toilets when they're done

You don't understand the THINGS I SEE... It's so disgusting! Look, if your mother didn't teach you proper bathroom manners, how did you make it past Preschool?

5 Talk

I go to the bathroom at school a lot, and there is always a group of three friends that talk. Just talk. They don't go to the bathroom. I stayed in the stall I was in to see how long they talked. When they finally left, it was 30 minutes later. I told a teacher, and I never saw them talk in the bathroom again.

6 Write stuff on the walls

And carve random swear words into the doors. - Entranced98

Yep, I've seen the curse words too but mostly the M + L stuff written everywhere, bathrooms, benches, slides, or just random walls. Or I saw on the back of an old barn house the words, Tiffany Queen of 2017. And lots of the pier.

7 Play truth or dare
8 Pee in the sinks when no one is looking
9 Pee on each other

Eeeww! Why would yo say that? This should be banned

10 Pee on the floor

That's what I do

The Contenders

11 Take a long time
12 Swirlies
13 Poop
14 Smoke weed
15 Do cocaine
16 Take selfies
17 Sing

Heard people singing Spice Girls songs like ten times in the toilets at my college, and it happens NOWHERE other than the loos...there must be some sort of link. - Entranced98

18 Throw balls of toilet paper
19 Knock on doors

This is really immature.

20 Leave used tampons on the floor
21 Smoke cigarettes
22 Sell drugs
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