Top 10 Things Most People Do On the Internet

Everyone uses the internet, but what do a majority of people do on it? Let's find out...

The Top Ten

1 Watch Youtube Videos

Of course YouTube is on the top of this list. The site is completely broken though, specially with their rules. YouTube is such a mess with garbage like Buzzfeed being recommended to me. I would like there to be an alternative but sadly no such thing exists yet. - ellies

This is so true - GentleTrouter

I don't watch allot of youtube - AnnieCallie

so true

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2 Use Social Networks

To express ourselves, and impress others. Social Media has impacted many of the small minded, who find self worth in virtual likes - Skevinger

What are you doing right now? Social network! - AnonymousChick

The ONLY thing I do on the internet - Fandom_Lover

Snapchat and Thetoptens are mine - AnnieCallie

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3 Email
4 Watch Porn

Actually, 50% of the Internet is porn or porn related - FerrariDude64

I wish it weren't, but this actually is a thing much of the internet population does. - pandagirl

I think there is an issue with honesty or embarrassment... should be top 3 at least

Watching porn is not good but also government doesnot ban the porn sites

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5 Search for Random Stuff

*Searches doggo and pupper* - AnnieCallie

every time

That's me!

6 Play Games

the best - belarbi

7 Research

Hands down the best way of research is Googleing stuff. I do it all day everyday, and it actually works. I get the result and info I want. wether its about celebs, studies, football or a book.

8 Waste Time

Isn't that what most of these items are anyway?

Waste LOTS of time! - funnyuser


9 Go on TheTopTens

I think most people on the internet haven't even heard about the site. - Martinglez

I'm on the damn site probably about 30 times per 2 days - Gamecubesarecool193

I go on this site at least like, 10 times a day. - Catacorn

I do this a lot, I don't think a lot of people do this but our TheTopTens community does. I'm obsessed with Top 10s.

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10 Shop

The Newcomers

? Watch Anime

The Contenders

11 Blog
12 Make Commentaries
13 Lie

Or listen to Lie by Halsey

14 Read e-Books
15 Troll

Trolololololololol. All day long

16 Listen to Online Radio
17 Go on Instagram
18 Use Omegle

Get off omegle pedos - Yatagarasu

19 Read fanfiction
20 Hate on something just because it has a bad fanbase

For example Avenged Sendfold - AnnieCallie

Hell yea

21 Make Offensive Videos

Do people really find WW2 funny? - naFrovivuS

22 Go on Reddit

I don't remember what I used to do before reddit, probably nothing lol

23 Listen to Music
24 Make money
25 Spam on Youtube
26 Go on 4chan
27 Hate on Certain Video Games for No Good Reason
28 Fake Your Age on Websites

According to snapchat I'm 14 - AnnieCallie

I tried to say I was 1 year old on here, but it didn’t work.

29 Bully
30 Take Quizzes On Buzzfeed
31 Renew Library Books
32 See What's New
33 Apply for Jobs
34 Bank
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1. Waste Time
2. Watch Youtube Videos
3. Lie
1. Go on TheTopTens
2. Make Commentaries
3. Watch Youtube Videos
1. Waste Time
2. Use Social Networks
3. Watch Youtube Videos

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