Top Ten Things People Do at Lunch at School

Lunch is meant for eating. We do that & other things too.

The Top Ten

1 Eat

Of course, that's what lunch is meant for. - ruJILLous

2 Talk With Your Friends V 1 Comment
3 Play On Your Phone

I don't have a phone and in my grade a phone is not allowed at school.
Though some spoiled brats got iPods when they were five and beg their mom to steal someone's cupcake for them

4 Try Making Baskets In The Trash Can
5 Have A Crumpled Napkin Fight
6 Prank People At A Table Next To Yours
7 Try Sneaking Out Of School

It's actually possible. In a corner of my school, there is a lot of trash and nobody. The wall there is up to my neck. - Animefan12

8 Have Sex

This had better not have ever happened!

Get this off, please!


9 Go Hang Out On Stage

Only some cafeterias have a stage. They make a hood place to hang out after you eat. - ruJILLous

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10 Listen To Your Music

I always do this while eating lunch. I just love music. - Mumbizz01

The Contenders

11 Throw Up

Happens all the time at my school, due to the terrible food. - TheYoshiOverlord

12 Dance On The Table

I wish that we could to it at our school. Aproppriate dance anyway. Nothing bad. We had to dance on our chairs if we didn't push them in at camp though. It was the funnest lunchtime I had ever gone to.

I don't reccomend doing this, but yes, I've actually seen someone do this. - ruJILLous

13 Do Homework

They are supposed to do that if they did not finish there homework. - ShopkinsLover

14 Go Outside With Your Friends to Smoke a Blunt

Although this is a recommended idea at any time

Who added this one? - Anonymousxcxc

15 Sing V 1 Comment
16 Read
17 Pray to Shrek V 1 Comment
18 Sneak Out Behind the Bleachers and Have a Quickie

Ahh yes, every school has a Screen Door Suzie

I thought this was part of the curriculum, sex education

19 Throw Mustard Covered Lettuce at the Boys

Since I don't usually put mustard on my salad, thousand island dressing will have to suffice


20 Play Football
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