Top 10 Things People Feel They Have to Say About Music Even If They Don't Agree

The ultimate true .People have to say these things even if it's against their own will.

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1 Freddie Mercury is one of the best singers ever

I agree! - Misfire

Yes he is. - Userguy44

One of the best makes sense if not the best. - Userguy44

Seems like a fairly broad, objective statement. - truckturner

2 The Beatles is the best rock band ever

They are. Those who try to throw the overrated label are just poseurs.

I've found this. People find themselves saying it because it's, well, The Beatles!
I like them but they are overrated. - Britgirl

To begin with, it's inaccurate to label
the Beatles as a "rock" band, in part because "rock" has no firm definition. In the beginning, they were largely a rock 'n' roll cover band (rock 'n' roll is NOT rock), and they were excellent. When they began writing in earnest, they effectively founded what was "rock" at the time and for the next decade or so. They got weird in the psychedelic era, yet still offered premium "rock" mixed in with the "concept" stuff. At the end, Lennon's influence was still "rock" and rock 'n' roll, while McCartney became more and more pop. After the split, Lennon remained basically true to his roots, except for catering to Yoko's mindless, horrible, shrieking noise. McCartney became a purveyor of lightweight, sappy pop, and remains so today.

I haven't any big problem with them, but they are histericcaly overrated.

3 Jimi Hendrix is the greatest guitarist ever

He is not the most influential or the best guitarists

For me there isn't any best guitarist. Jimi Hendrix was great, influential but he wasn't the only guitarist who played good. Classical guitarists were more skilled than him. Even people born before him. Django Reinhardt is surely as much good as Hendrix. Sabicas. There were better guitarists before him. Or at least as equal. There are more skilled guitarists than him now. Plus, he was quite sloppy. - zxm

He's the most influential. Not the best. - Userguy44

4 Michael Jackson is the best pop artist ever
5 Iron Maiden or Metallica are the best metal bands ever

I honestly don't like Metallica. Their intros are too long for me, and it's alright if someone doesn't like something. (I think that some people need to hear that.) Iron Maiden is pretty good, I like some of their songs, but I wouldn't call them the best. If I had to choose which metal band I consider the best, I'd go with Blind Guardian. - Merilille

Iron Maiden and Metallica got me into metal, and I still love them. But I agree with Merilille - later I discovered Blind Guardian and they are really very special and damn good. - Metal_Treasure

Also Judas Priest. - Userguy44

6 Led Zeppelin is one of the greatest rock bands ever

If the criterion is "one of the greatest," there's no way to argue against.

Same here, I meant on top 5. - zxm

7 John Lennon is one of the greatest singers ever

Not even close. - Userguy44

Again, "one of." Absolutely.

Well, honestly,I don't like John Lennon either.I know he is a great songwriter and singer but still I don't like his songs.But I have to say that he is one of the greatest singers ever. - zxm

8 Linkin Park is the best rock band of the 2000s

If that's the case, it doesn't say much for rock in the 2000s.

Meh... Porcupine Tree is better.

Sorry, but no. - Brobusky

No. - Skullkid755

9 Rush is one of the most talented rock bands ever

This one doesn't even qualify under the "one of" stipulation.

10 Whitney Houston is the greatest female singer ever

God rest her, but not even close.

The Contenders

11 Justin Bieber is the worst artist ever

One of the worst makes more sense. - Userguy44

Kinda true. I am sure a lot of people say this without hearing a single song of his. - zxm

"Artist? " Maybe in crayon.

12 Deathcore sucks

I agree. - Userguy44

13 Pop music is not annoying

Userguy44 that you probably can only stand pop music before the 1990s or some 1990s.

It really depends. - Userguy44

14 Metallica is the greatest thrash metal band

Correction: one of the greatest. - Userguy44

15 Not all dubstep is just noise
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