Top Ten Things People Get Mad at When Playing Video Games

Here's why people get mad over video games. Sorry for bad grammar.

The Top Ten

1 Lag and Glitches

Lag is the most obnoxious thing in gaming, glitches can be funny, but lag, especially in online games bring down the overall entertainment value - kempokid

Yeah glitches are funny, especially in Battlefield. But lag is pretty annoying. - Marine_Soldier

When you die because of this reason. - Marine_Soldier

2 Power Suddenly Goes Out

Especially when you're playing games like League Of Legends. You can be banned for this - Marine_Soldier

3 Little Kids Little Kids

I'm getting tired of muting them all the time. 1 FFS! Turn your microphone off! We're sick and tired of hearing you screaming all the time.
2 Stop crying because you didn't got what you wished for.
3 Stop chewing ice/gum eating chips or breathing through your microphone. - Marine_Soldier

4 Hackers

Especially when you're playing against them. - Marine_Soldier

5 Dying

Yes I get mad because of dying so many times. But I don't scream over this reason. - Marine_Soldier

6 Player that Ruins the Match for the Entire Team on Purpose

We're spending our time and trying to win, of course we'll get mad if you keep trying to ruin everything for us. - Marine_Soldier

7 Hard Levels

When you stuck on the save level. - Marine_Soldier

8 Using "Gay" as an Insult

Ok there's nothing wrong with being gay, so stop using this childish insult. - Marine_Soldier

9 Playing with Others that Blame Everything Outside of Their Own Ineptitude for Losing/Dying

My ex-step son is in his mid-thirties and still does this. It's ok to lose, I'd get bored pretty quick if I beat the game at every turn. - Ned964

Yeah Especially those teenagers. They whine and blame you because they lost of their fault. - Marine_Soldier

10 Losing by Bad Luck

It happens. When you're feel like you're winning then some of your teammates start to troll. - Marine_Soldier

The Contenders

11 Players Playing Rotten Music Through Their Microphone

Same stuff all the time, is just stupid rap music. I have not one single time heard anyone that plays rock or some real music. - Marine_Soldier

12 Unskippable Cut Scenes

I'm looking at you, Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Ultra Moon...
-_- - PerfectImpulseX

13 Cheap Deaths
14 Racists

These people can say racist stuff to you how much they want, if I say something to their skin colors back, they'll just say : ''oh racist''. - Marine_Soldier

15 Overpowered Characters
16 Bad Controls
17 Bad Gameplay
18 Poorly Programmed Ai
19 Broken Characters
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