Top 10 Things That People Get Pressured to Do Most

Peer pressure... a constant saying no and beng called boring.

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1 Underage Drinking
2 Drugs

Saying you have no chose is wrong sometime take it from a former addicted and depressive sometime people have no one to go to when you can't afford a therapist and drugs feels like the only way out no one can under stand unless you were an addict yourself my only words or to stay strong and that you can quit and believe it or not I learned there is always people to talk to - donovanthorn

I can't believe that people are refusing an experience.

You have a choice. You are the only one responsible for your actions. If you don't want to, or you'qe not comfortable with anything, just say NO! It IS that simple! You'll feel stronger and better about yourself knowing in your heart you made the right descision. - Britgirl

There's choice involved in every item on the list. The subject however is feelings of pressure - and the feeling and the pressure do exist. And different people feel and interpret internal and external pressure and influences and confusions and decisions quite differently. Unfortunately, humans most often can't "simply just say no" and have that be the end to it - otherwise, they'd have perfect behaviour - Billyv

3 Smoking

Please explain why being called boring is bad. To let you know, the people who are called boring in school end up getting everything- the best cars, the best houses, the most money, the most acclaim, everything. Its pretty common for the most exciting person in school to be in prison by the time the first class reunion rolls around.

4 Sex

Usally you get pressurad not to do it but do it anyway - top10epic

5 Watch Porn
6 Self Harm

If people you actually know are encouraging you to cut yourself, get away from them immediately, and never go near them again, ever.

Like seriously. People will be all like "Come on, dude! Cut yourself! " - AnonymousChick

Midterms tests regents exams finals and homework hould ount as self harm - Ihateschool

7 Getting Bad Grades
8 Being a Bully

"If you don't beat that kid up, I'll make your life miserable" never happened to be but it's happened to others. - AnonymousChick

9 Suicide

Been over 7 years now since my friend died still think of him a lot R.I.P my brother - donovanthorn

10 Embarrassing Themselves

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11 Have an Abortion
12 Find a Job
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