Top Ten Things People Get In Trouble for at School

The Top Ten

1 Talking

Yep happens to me all the time

If you do this while your teacher is talking, it is highly likely you’ll get into a bit of trouble for this. - JoeBoi

Happens all the time

2 Missing Homework

I agree with most of these.

3 Hurting Someone
4 Being Rude
5 Breaking a Device or Going On Different Sites

My high school special ed teacher banned the class from looking up anything fun in the internet while in my other classes I could look up whatever I wanted

One kid in my elementary school was watching porn on the school computer in the library and he got caught.

6 Damaging School Property
7 Stealing Something
8 Day Dreaming
9 Saying Swear Words

One Girl had to pay 365 dollar fine for swearing in school

10 Eating in Class

In high school I secretly ate in class all the time and I never got in trouble

The Contenders

11 Having Sex
12 Smoking in the Bathroom

This is why the teachers locked them up at my high school

13 Sleeping
14 Being Late

Even 1 second gets you a detention at my high school

15 Threatening Someone

In my opinion many kids got suspended for saying that

16 Wearing Short Skirts

It's pretty ridiculous at some schools, even if the skirts aren't all that short. It's not as if we're walking around nude. - Entranced98

17 Selling Drugs
18 Bullying
19 Assault
20 Fighting
21 Having a Weapon
22 Chewing Gum
23 Giving the Finger
24 Going to the Bathroom
25 Disrespect
26 Vandalism
27 Using Their Phones
28 Visiting Their Lockers
29 Having Their Backpacks with Them
30 Talking About the Teachers Behind Their Backs
31 Roasting the Teacher
32 Sharpening Their Pencils
33 Wearing Jackets and Hoodies
34 Talking During Fire Drills
35 Doing Homework During an Assembly
36 Unexcused Absences
37 No Gun Talk
38 Not Standing During the Pledge
39 Self-Defense

In 1st grade I got in trouble for beating up an Asian boy who was constantly bullying/taunting me.

40 Their Phone Going Off During Class
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