Top Ten Things People Hate About Physical Appearances


The Top Ten

1 Mustache

How can one hate mustaches? It baffles me.

No fair! Mario Bros and Wario Bros have mustaches!

2 Nails
3 Men with women look

DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY - xandermartin98

4 Tattoo
5 Women with men look

Justin Bieber... Enough said

6 Dirty clothes

Hmm... How can you tell if clothes are dirty? Besides the obvious "rolled in mud" dirty? Because as someone whose very lazy with laundry, I'd like to know. - keycha1n

7 Acne

I'm surprised how low acne is. When I was 12, it started appearing and I didn't really care. But now it really gets to me and I'm 14 now.

Just ask everyone in my school who won't stop staring at me like idiots. - Garythesnail

8 Weight
9 Plastic surgery

It's sad to think that some people go to those lengths to change their appearance. At least one person would love you for the way God made you, so why change? - Britgirl

Honestly, natural features should be embraced! I find it quite sad when people get plastic surgery, because they feel that lowly about their appearance that they need to go and get surgery which is both costly and risky. - HollyRolo

I don't like it if its obvious. It becomes creepy and unsettling. But I don't like it if a person is truly so insecure they would go under the knife. Its really quite sad. - keycha1n

Doing Cosmetic to the bad - belarbi

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10 Lips

I hate my self for my lips it makes me look ugly - BangkokIsFunny

The Contenders

11 Obesity
12 Unibrow
13 Tingling facial acupuncture
14 Spots
15 Being skinny

What's wrong with being skinny? Heck, what's wrong with being anything other than unhealthy? - keycha1n

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