Top Ten Things People Have Admitted Doing Deliberately to Annoy Others

None of us are angels; we all are guilty of doing something (however insignificant) to cause annoyance to our fellow human beings. Unburden yourself and confess to something you have deliberately done to put a kink in someone's day just to make yours better. I'm guilty of two of these...
Feel free to add your own. Or even add something that people do that annoy you :)

The Top Ten

1 Walking slowly in front of anyone behind them who is clearly in a hurry

I do it to everyone. - AlphaQ

2 Honking their car at pedestrians

On those occasions when I am a pedestrian, I like to honk at cars:).

3 Blowing cigarette smoke into non-smokers' faces
4 Placing the postage stamp upside-down

Yes perfect for pedants!

5 Parking at an angle
6 Staring at another person
7 Reading out loud

I AM GOOT! - AlphaQ

8 Coughing loudly in church / library etc
9 Laughing loudly at something totally unfunny

Me when trying to appease someone - StephanTheIdiot

10 Vacuuming at an ungodly hour

Back in the day, I spent more'n a few ungodly hours face-down an' suckin' the floor. Them lip splinters gotta be feeled t'be believed.

The Contenders

11 At a swanky party you were forced to attend, de-fuzzing your navel over the punch bowl've done this too? :). - Britgirl

12 Start a panic
13 Barking like a bullmastiff at annoying little yapping purse dogs
14 Waving down a cab in heavy traffic, then disappearing into the masses

Haha I'm absolutely going to have to do this. Hours of fun! - Britgirl

15 Talking trash about their favorite things

I love Grand Theft Auto. It's not for kids. - AlphaQ

16 Farting directly at a person
17 Switch the signs on the Argument and Abuse clinics
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