Top Ten Things People Have a Love/Hate Relationship with

These are things people love, yet get annoyed with at the same time.

The Top Ten

1 Family

Yes, they can annoy you at times, but you know you love them. - PianoQueen

Definitely. Sometimes I think I hate them but it's only because I love them so much. - Britgirl

2 Summer

It's nice to get a break from school, but half the time you end up super bored. Plus, the heat is awful. - Elric-san

3 Snow

Mostly people that live in cold climates, at least. - PianoQueen

4 The Length of Your Hair

I used to have really long hair, now its up to my shoulders, I think that its too short, but when you straighten my hair, its long. (my hair is naturally wavy). - Catacorn

This is mostly for people who have long hair, where it's so difficult to manage when it's long, yet there are so many ways to style it. - PianoQueen

I miss my chin-length hair! Now it's, like, six inches past my shoulder and difficult to manage! Also, smart list! - Flowersocks2137

And this is why I keep my hair short. Besides, it looks better that way. - Elric-san

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5 School
6 Busyness

I like having something to do and being productive, but it can get stressful. - PianoQueen

7 Their Electronic Devices

Yes, they are slow and glitchy, but I can't live without them. - PianoQueen

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8 Their House

One day you like your decor. One day you hate it. - PianoQueen

9 Their Friends
10 Themselves

The Contenders

11 Growing Up
12 The Internet
13 TV Shows
14 Sleeping
15 Life
16 Ideologies
17 People
18 Marmite
19 Opinions
20 Movies
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