Things People Have Said They Can't Live Without


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1 Cigarettes

Honestly smokers, surely it's harder to live WITH them? Hmm? - Britgirl

2 Music

God only knows what I'd be without it being able to play it or listen to it. Think about it: a world without music means nothing, not even a bird call in the morning. - PetSounds

I actually could not live with out Music because it basically saved my life! - Curti2594

I have to admit that I would find life pretty hard without music. But I'm still certain it wouldn't kill me if It went altogether. - Britgirl

Literally, music is my life. 3 quarters of my day is spent listening to music! - SansTheComic

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3 Alcohol
4 Mobile Phone

You may not like being without them but I'm pretty sure you're not going to die without them - Britgirl

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5 Video Games

Seriously?! You can't live without these? A rethink maybe? - Britgirl

6 Porn

I'll never get into this to find out. - Britgirl

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7 Education

Life, technically speaking, is possible without this, but without this, you aren't really going anywhere. - PositronWildhawk

I was never educated on how to draw, I still believe I will "get somewhere" with it! - keycha1n

8 Internet

I CAN live without it... I CAN live without it... I CAN live... - Britgirl

9 Television
10 Spandex

Yes, the old, "I can't live without spandex" has had an airing. - Britgirl

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11 Tickling

I absolutely hate this! I can get tickled everywhere!

12 Oxygen
13 Movies
14 Love V 1 Comment
15 Kinks
16 A Friend
17 TheTopTens TheTopTens

Maybe according to many users of this site.

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