Top Ten Things People Lie About While Interacting With a Stranger

We all lie about 40 times, over 30 of them are caught instantly and the liar doesn't even knows that it is caught. This list is basically about most common lies said to people who are strangers and who they may not intend to meet again or may have never met and are just in a conversation on the internet! The objective of this list is to tell people that lying rather makes a bad impression of you on others.

The Top Ten

1 Their Intelligence

People usually make up problems and then tell how they got out of it, over 75% of them are not realistic and are caught instantly. - yatharthb

2 Their Job

People usually say that they are Deputy Manager or Sales Head at their company where they work, the truth might be that they are sweepers or cleanliness in charge of their company. - yatharthb

Really true, others say their jobs are prestigious and fully receiving too much money, in other words are rich and they are janitors with low budgets - YanRocky

It's very common for people to lie about their job because they are ashamed of that and it's just sad.

3 Their Wealth

People usually say that they are millionaires or earn $200,000 an year - yatharthb

4 Their Meetings With Celebrities

People usually say that they have met or have shaken hands with popular celebrities but have no evidence left - yatharthb

5 Their Car

People say that they own Audi's or BMW's but the truth may be much different - yatharthb

6 Their Family Background
7 Their City
8 Their Sex Life
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