Top 10 Things People Listen for When Rating Rock Songs


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1 The Guitar Riffs

Definitely the first thing in rock music to notice. It's the base of a song. People tend to notice more of rhythm guitar part than lead guitar part. - zxm

2 The Vocal Performance
3 The Drum Track
4 The Lyrics
5 The Bass Riffs

Yes, like Metal_Treasure said, bass riffs are rare. But there are some songs which have prominent bass riffs. Green Grass and High Tides for example. It has a noticeable bass riff, almost covers the whole song. I know a user who liked the bass riffs. - zxm

If I rate about basslines, then I notice more bass solos than bass riffs. But yeah, I have seen people liking bass riffs more than bass solos. Mike Dirnt for example. - zxm

6 How Well the Vocals Flows with the Instruments
7 The Production
8 The Guitar Tone

It usually means lead guitar. Both rhythmic riffs and solos. Including some few licks and different techniques. - zxm

9 The Instrumental Track
10 The Solo

Especially for prog rock/metal etc genres. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Composition
12 The Chorus

I know there are songs without choruses but chorus is a common thing people notice. - zxm

13 Build Up
14 Its Re-listenablity
15 The Bassline
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1. The Guitar Riffs
2. The Vocal Performance
3. The Chorus
1. The Lyrics
2. The Guitar Riffs
3. The Bass Riffs
1. The Guitar Riffs
2. The Vocal Performance
3. How Well the Vocals Flows with the Instruments



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