Top Ten Things That People Misunderstand

Cookie part. I decided that this should be my last list about my feelings. Too much fuss! I will keep on creating lists, now and then, if the eccentric administration doesn't have a problem with that, but they will be only about music and art. I don't like giving my pearls to swines. I will keep the rest of my personal thoughts to myself and to the people who are REALLY cool and nice and not just seemingly kind, or anonymously aggressive some other unexpected times. I hope with all my heart that this list won't get deleted. I think many people can relate and maybe they can get helped a tiny bit by it. That's what all we people should be for each other:helpful and not criminally insincere! Add more things that people misunderstand if you can and if you want.

The Top Ten

1 One's Intentions

How twisted the human mind can be! I wish good luck to everyone who is dealing with double-faced people and they come to realize that gradually. I don't feel self-pity for that discovery, but I'm upset for sure and feel sorry for the person who thinks that I can believe his/her story. I won't tell about the gender of this person, to me the facts speak for themselves. I don't need a proof anymore, I got it when a certain reply I sent to someone got deleted today. I have no more doubts about it. Nothing can throw dust in my eyes now...

If I try to make things right for someone, that never means I need any special place - Ananya

That's for sure. - blasphemian

2 One's Words

Misusing words can give someone a lot of trouble. That's why when I use them I need to mean them. I want the other person to feel the same, otherwise why to bother? Words and silence hold the key to the truth. That shouldn't lead to misunderstanding, but unluckily with some people that happens.

3 Politeness

Sometimes we mistake politeness for kindness and sensitivity. It's not the same thing. It's not that tragic but it's certainly vulgar.

That is why I am as blunt as a knife. Politeness lets people get over on you. - MetalObsessed

4 An Understanding

I don't get any understanimg, now when does this term comes?...Only when you expect to be understood, but - no, you don't get it sometimes.
Actually, there is no need of expecting that. - Ananya

5 One's Limits

Pathetic anonymous, no one likes you here when you pretend to be anonymous and you don't use your regular nick. Why all this act? I'm sure that many people here have noticed how many times you have deleted certain messages because you didn't have the courage to keep. They maybe keep on reminding you how inadequate you are inside and how emotionally unstable. You are insecure. Stop using me as a mirror, you and me are very different. However, the problem is not your insecurity but your unprecedented bitterness. In addition, you have developed an obsession with me for your own 'dark' reasons and you enjoy leaving others in the dark! You have no guts my dear. No one from here defended you by the way. Is that what made you mad at me and you kept on degrading yourself by trashing me? My advice for you:visit as soon as possible a good psychologist. You don't seem very comfortable in your skin and you trash other people who are clearly better than you. It's not my fault that you can't be ...more

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6 Friendship

Doesn't exist. People can not help you be happy. - MetalObsessed

Really? Because the people I know have made me happier than any person in the world. - PeachyBlast

7 One's Humor

Laughing your truth away doesn't make your humor appealing.

8 That Christopher Columbus Didn't Discover America

Yep The Vikings did. Such a misunderstanding. He got all the credit. Columbus: I want to live here. Nate: You discovered America1! Columbus : No I'm making a home. Nate : Na! Don't be silly I'm telling everybody you discovered this Land! - Jake09

Thanks for the information sir...

9 Love
10 Life
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