Things People Need to Stop Doing in 2017

Not talking about terrorism btw, we're talking about things people do, not animals!

The Top Ten

1 Hating on Things for Dumb Reasons

*COUGH COUGH* Game Theory getting hate for one mediocre theory about a plumber enough said.

MatPat, PewDiePie, BMTH, BVB, KoRn, Nickelback, 5FDP, Trump, Memes, Fidget Spinners, Cannibal Corpse, JB, Maroon V, etc. etc. - EliHbk

Because he has a big ego, he at the end of his videos he says "but that's just a theory" or whatever, his fans are jerks?... educate me please. Not to be rude - EliHbk

Top 10 things that are hated for the stupidest reasons:
#10: Modern Mario Party.
#9: Pokemon Go.
#8: MatPat.
#7: Pokemon Sun and Moon. (In Terms of both Game and Anime. [And speaking of which.])
#6: Ash Ketchum.
#5: The Pokemon Anime in general.
#4: Modern Sonic Games.
#3: Skylanders.
#2: Minecraft.
#1: Undertale.

2 Joining Stupid Hate Bandwagons Joining Stupid Hate Bandwagons

It's still a thing in 2018.-DarkBoi-X

This should DIE by 2018.

I made the pic myself, u can tel, eh? - EliHbk

3 Getting Triggered Over Jokes
4 Claiming to Be "Otherkin"

You aren't a dragon! - EliHbk

5 Joining/Being in BLM

The reason why racism still exists - EliHbk

6 Supporting Racism
7 Claiming to Support Something, Then Contradicting Its Beliefs

BLM and such and the Baltimore riots, they wanted peace and equality and then proceded to disrupt peace and unfairly looted people's stores - EliHbk

8 Being Overly Sexual

Booty shorts and such on every girl 11-23 in the USA basically and everyone having underaged sex and all of that BS - EliHbk

9 Trying Too Hard to Find Problems in Stuff
10 Claiming Things that are Fake are Real

Mostly racial stuff - EliHbk

The Contenders

11 Bandwagoning

It's so annoying

12 Making Ridiculous Eyebrow Trends

Lmao, sperm eyebrows. What's next? Dildo eyebrows? I rather have my thin ass eyebrows, thank youu!

13 Being Special Snowflakes
14 Terrorism
15 Obsessing Over Political Correctness
16 Obsessing Over "Representation"
17 Thinking Any Race, Gender, or Sexuality is Superior
18 Making Fun of Autistic People

Leafy, you too... - EliHbk

19 Hating on Irrelevant Things

Blood on the Dance Floor. Enough said.

20 Calling things gay
21 Calling things cancer
22 Abusing their children
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