Top 10 Things People Need to Understand

As the human race, we understand many things. From simple everyday things, or to special talents that we spend time to understand. Sadly, some other simple things, many people don't understand. So, I made this list to basically just say "You humans need to understand this stuff, before we get dumber! "

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1 Diseases are not worth joking about

Just think about it this way: What if YOU came down with a disease, and everybody makes fun of it? Jokes left, right, and center about something you can't control. I'd rather have you stick to the Justin Bieber jokes - kaitlynrad11

It's ironic how when people joke about ebola, everyone laughs. And when you make a joke about cancer, everyone gets mad. And, you could end up with that disease you always joke about..

They are awful defeating things - just because we don't suffer from it doesn't mean we should joke about it - jmepa1234

I have no idea why would anyone joke about a disease, you shouldn't, instead of that you can help that person and if you can't help - then you don't have any right to make fun of anyone as well.
But of course...Some immature idiots do it, then cry when they are rubuked for their idiocy. - Ananya

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2 The world doesn't revolve around you

YOU are not the only human in this world, there are BILLIONS of other people in this world! So, stop acting like you can do whatever you want! - kaitlynrad11

Pride is the worst sin and also the only sin that every single person has a problem with.

No we are all equal - jmepa1234

3 Not all music from the 21st century is bad

Why do many people hate nae nae or any other songs? Its simple.

Many aren't used to the 21st century. Just think about you having a pair of shoes or leggings. Its pretty uncomfortable at first. Right? The same goes with music

Many are used to those 6-minute long songs (it's the longest I've ever heard). The reason why they shorten it to half its length its because we might just get the nyan cat song...wait a second...grandfathers like that song?

Another thing. ENOUGH LOVE SONGS OK? Most people wanted those songs back... Luckily the 2000's came... We need more dance songs like the nae nae. Or maybe those songs that I don't understand like gangnam style WE NEED TO STOP THINKING LIKE LOVERS! Pretty much they HATE these songs because they aren't the songs before (hey! Guessed right? Its love songs! ) Or they just hate to dance since they are pretty much confined in a wheelchair by now...

Actually I prefer songs from the 21st century. They are from this time and I can relate better to these. I'm not a fan of living in the past and listening off to old music to appreciate that. - Kiteretsunu

That's right, I said it. Some music isn't THAT bad. You just have to look a little harder to find these artists that DON'T have songs filled with drugs, partying, etc. In all their songs! - kaitlynrad11

You just have to pick the right tracks to play. I still haven't succeeded - jmepa1234

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4 Education is important

Popular girls, you sitting in the classroom texting WILL NOT get you anywhere in life - kaitlynrad11

It may bore you to death, but a change in education policies could help the youth!

It is but its boring most of the time - jmepa1234

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5 Judging because of race, sexual orientation, ect. isn't right

I hate it when people use derogatory slang on people who have dark skin, they are not bad people actually. - MorganChambz

Just because someone is different from you, doesn't mean you should make fun of them! - kaitlynrad11

This is what causes war - jmepa1234

Judging gays is more than right. The government should pay people for hating on gays

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6 Drugs are bad for you

I assume this doesn't include marijuana. Because that's the most harmless recreational/medicinal drug - ryanrimmel

Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Steroids, etc are very bad for you. Some of these drugs can cause cancer, HIV, strokes and death - kaitlynrad11

I think everyone knows this - even drug dealers and drug takers - jmepa1234

Almost every drug has medical purposes. Morphine and other opiates are strong painkillers given to cancer patients, surgery etc... ( without them you would die in a great insupportable pain ). Cocaïne and its derivatives are used for dentitsts or in hospitals as a local anesthesic. Amphetamines for ADHD or narcolepsy patients ( from the fifties till the beginning of the nineties as dietpills ). My point, drugs were invented to save lives or to ease your " whatever " sickness that requires those drugs. They are becoming bad when you begin to use them when you really don't need them in a medical matter, when you begin to buy your drugs in the Streets from drugdealers ( which are not people who studied for years the knowledge of pharmacology! ). If people are living longer now than in the past it's because of the invention of many drugs during the 20th and 21th century. Before you could die just by a simple infection because there were no antibiotics, they knocked you out with alcohol ...more

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7 Everybody has an opinion

Just because someone doesn't 100% agree with YOU, doesn't mean they are stupid. Quit throwing a tantrum because some random guy likes different things or has different values than you. There is absolutely NO excuse for getting as worked up as some people do because someone likes some other show than them or whatever.

True, people need to respect other's opinions - Ajkloth

Therefore, you have to understand that haters have opinions.

"Your opinion makes me angry" - this is the summary of Internet.
Behind the computer screen, people just don't respect our opinion and we don't respect the opinions of others. - Palmeiras

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8 Nobody's perfect

All the songs say that you're perfect but you're not. Nobody is (except God and Jesus). I'm not trying to be mean or offensive to people, I'm just stating the facts. - RiverClanRocks

Yeah Justin Bieber, listen to this! - jmepa1234

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9 Not everything from this century is bad

Again, you just have to look VERY carefully to find good stuff from the 2000's - 2010's - kaitlynrad11

Lots of things are amazing! - jmepa1234

Just listening to the ignorance of the adults who keep talking about "This generation bla bla bla! " :( Look, yeah, there are some bad people. There always have been, and always will be. #DealWithIt. But think about all the scientific discoveries, advances in technology and medicine, political advancement. "this generation" is accepting and loving to everyone no matter of race, gender, sexual orientation. And I think that that is something adults must consider. That is the basis of a society, and that is what this generation provides.

10 Mind your own business

Yes please...I don't understand why people can't mind their business, I hate interference.. - Ananya

I think then we will make the world worth living for everyone peacefully

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11 Don't diet at a young age

Agree you can eat as much as you want but if you exricese then it will be like nothing hapend

I read a story about a girl who dieted when she was 13, and her body couldn't function fully again for a year. You should take care of yourself at a young age, not "lose baby fat" because you're beautiful­čĺľ - kaitlynrad11

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12 Not all the stuff in the world is made for kids

Yep. 12 year olds need to stop playing Call of Duty and watching porn. Instead they should act their own age. - drdevil

Agreed. I am a 12 year old girl, and I think porn and sex is disgusting and I wish people stopped making everything so sexual. - HyenaLover

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13 Everybody likes Justin Bieber

Everybody likes joking about him. - Dman1972

Trolls... *sighs* - jmepa1234

This list is a load of bull like most of the lists on this site

If YOU'RE gonna comment bull like this, don't even bother. We don't say this on your website (whatever it's called), if you even know how to make one. - drdevil

14 Not all 2010s kids are spoiled
15 You are going to die

That's definitely an important factor of life. - dipperpinesfangirl618

16 Our film rating system is messed up
17 Undertale isn't that overrated
18 People are not better than each other
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1. Everybody has an opinion
2. The world doesn't revolve around you
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1. Not all music from the 21st century is bad
2. Diseases are not worth joking about
3. Drugs are bad for you
1. The world doesn't revolve around you
2. Judging because of race, sexual orientation, ect. isn't right
3. Diseases are not worth joking about



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