Top Ten Things People Say About Eminem That Are Untrue


The Top Ten

1 He's a good rapper

This list is completely stupid.
Of course he is a good rapper, one of the best ever, even his worst competitors admit that he has skills. He has been in the game for more than 15 years now and his record sell as much as they used to and maybe even more.
He is the God of rap. Maybe a lot of people don't want to admit it because he is white but that's ridiculous. He has proved that music has no boundaries and he made a name for himself even though he was doing music that was "traditionally" made by black people.
He is a gangster. He has been through very difficult situations in his life and that made him tough and strong.
He loves his fans and he truly cares about them. He tells it through his music and in his concerts you can see that he appreciates the love they give him.
His songs are lyrical. Listen to "When I'm Gone", "Lose Yourself", "Stan" and "Beautiful".
He is better than Tupac. I love Tupac and he started the book of rap but Eminem finished it and he took rap ...more

He may not be the best rapper, but you can’t say he’s not good. - 3DG20

2 He's the God of rap

He's good but if he is god then many other rapper's Tech N9ne for example are one too. - Basecube

3 He's a gangster

So he is a good, fast, lyrical rapper but if you say he's a gangster then you're really kidding yourself. Eminem will never be a real G.

I am white myself, but to call white people "gangstas" is racist. - 445956

4 He's a bad rapper
5 He's better then Tupac

Yes just yes yes - andre56

Comparing em to Tupac isn't a fair comparison. They rap about very different things

He is in NO WAY better than pac! Pac is the best rapper ever! - oliverpaw


6 He cares about his fans
7 His songs are lyrical

I think you forgot the title of your list while making it, or you misread it. You might have read it as "Things People say about Eminem that are somewhat true".
1. He is a good rapper.
2. He is the rap god. Him and Nas.
3. Well, he was in Detroit, the most dangerous city ever, without a father, so he probably was a gangster.
4. I'm not sure about that... I haven't really seen him interact without fans, and Stan was probably fictional...
5. That is very true.
6. That is slightly true. 2Pac is also awesome. - TheLister

8 He is a bad father

Eminem is a good father

9 He is homophobic
10 He hates women

If he hated women he would be gay. He's not gay. I know this because a lot of his songs are really homophobic.

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