Top Ten Things People Say Every Day

The Top Ten Things People Say Every Day

1 The

Why is THE so low on THE list? We say THE word THE so many during THE day. Why in THE world is THE word so low?! - Kevie16

Why is this so low on this list. It should be at number 1 because we use this extremely common word so many times during our everyday lives. Please vote for this so it will get high up to number 1.

See how I didn't use a single "the" except for that one. - SammySpore

Why the heck is the so low on the list and not even in the top 5 it should be on top of the list I the word the didn't exist everyones grammar would be bad everybody in the world says the word the - simpsondude

I bet you guys are all counting the amount of "the's" in each comment... - keycha1n

2 Hi

Squidward Hears It All The Time. - SquidwardTentacles

That's my sentence starter! - NerdyPweeps

Try going a day without saying, hearing, or reading this word.

Hi, Fellow Top Ten users - JandS3000

3 To

I got some very important boss-like errands to do - Squidward - JandS3000

"To infinity and beyond! " -Buzz Lightyear - tornadoeater

I always hear this as well - EpicJake

A lot of people say this! - funnyuser

4 My

In my opinion this should be fist. I say it a lot! - tig13

My my, this list is so good. My bad, I commented here too late. My opinion is that 'My' has been used more than two times here, , - Kiteretsunu

5 I

I don't know why I voted for this because I was Supposed To vote for my but instead I accidentally voted for this and I regretted it!
See? - DapperPickle

6 This

This is very common. - randomuser2525

7 "F" word

Yes, I say "Fiddlesticks" often

How did you know that I say flip everyday? - Catacorn

Souls be in top 5 - BattleForDreamIslandLists

Do you mean any word that starts with F or the bad word? - cosmo

8 Bye
9 When

WHEN do we do this? - funnyuser

I wonder WHEN to use the word WHEN...

WHEN do I ever use 'when'... Oh!

10 A

Who's A in ALL. I think A is Aria because double A in her name. A and the A team are so scary. A is mean. A cop arrested Alison.

A is for alladin my favorite movie

The Contenders

11 So

So, I was just wondering, where do I use the word so?

I can go without saying this word

It's probably the word I say most. - Minecraftcrazy530

So, yeah I always say this word - DogeFan132

12 Like

I'm like totally like hot like because like I've like been like out in the like hot sun! Like help me like totally guys like totally! - funnyuser

You know what I mean - funnyuser

The word, like, is, like, so, like, totally AWESOME. I like, use this, like, daily. Do you, like, get what I mean?

I don't understand, like, how is this not #1?

13 Where

Where have I seen this word? - tornadoeater

14 Awesome

Is this the top things? Or the most common things? If it's most common then it's to or they but if it's the top words then awesome is just an awesome word which is used on a day to day basis. - Toms_system

It's the most common. - funnyuser

15 Masturbate

I barely hear this word in the real world, so why is it above #20? - Limeyy

16 Good

Being Canadian we are always saying I'm Good - Curti2594

17 Yeah

Yeah, this is said so often. - Kiteretsunu

18 And

Ok you wake up and then you get ready for school and then you eat brekfast and then you walk to school and then I learn in school. See that!

19 Booty

What is wrong with you people? - SweetsongRiverClan143

I haven't said this word for days. - cosmo

When have a said this, this list is booty.

''IT SMELL LIKE BOOTY'' sometimes people say that

20 Good morning

I hate Uncle Grandpa!

My Mom Keep Saying That! I Well Kill Uncle Grandpa! - CuteGirlJigglypuff

What's your opinion on Uncle Grandpa, Randomuser2525?

21 I don't care
22 Wanker

Um, yeah. Once you tell me what "wanker" means, maybe I'll get the idea. And about some of the other items on this list, I don't know anyone who says "masturbate" or "booty" on a regular basis. - RockFashionista

I do well to restrain myself. Especially when describing my (clears throat) younger sibling. - PositronWildhawk

23 Steelers suck

No. The Ravens suck! The Steelers are awesome! - RiverClanRocks


24 What

Huh? Where in the world have you seen this word, I mean, what? - DapperPickle

25 Cheese

I hear this like 90 times a minute. T_T - tornadoeater

26 Sex

Consider suicide.


27 Swag

I say this too much. I have this pair of sunglasses and I put them on my face upside-down and side ways. Then I Say " I got swag " and whenever someone steals my swag I take them and say " No swag backs ". I do that every recess. - funnyuser

I'm not sure if I've ever actually said this word, and I'm 12 years old.

28 Goodnight

I say this before I sleep to Britgirl - Userguy44

They obviously haven't heard Paul McCartney's song

I say "Goodnight, Everybody! " - Animaniacs1Fan

29 Uhh...
30 About
31 As

A lot of people say this. - funnyuser

32 Me
33 How was your day?
34 WTF
35 Brah
36 Bruh

A lot of people say this. Ain't that right, bruh? - randomuser2525

37 S***

Why yes, I say stop often!

Asians say it a lot

It is on YouTube

38 I'm going shopping
39 Twerk

I avoid this word at all costs.

I never say this word. - Minecraftcrazy530

40 Jerk

Defiantly said a number of times - BattleForDreamIslandLists

This is actually my nickname to some of my friends... - Flamesofsilver

41 An
42 Yolo
43 Rachet

Since I'm a mechanic I have to agree, I hear this word daily

44 Obviously

Smartasses use this word on a daily basis.

45 Damn it
46 Obama Sucks

Obama sucks only when he approves bronies. and I don't think he does.

I am glad he wasn't president in 2001

Obama is reptile agent

47 Ebola
48 Duh
49 Crud
50 Lol
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