Top Ten Things People Say Now That Wouldn't Make Sense Years Ago


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1 Selfie!

Imagine how awkward that would be. - keycha1n

Imagine going up to somebody with a polaroid and saying,"SELFIE WE LOOK so HAWT"... I just laugh at the thought. - The_Violist

2 bae

Squidward is Bae

Why are you calling the girl a poop - Maddox121

It means "baby", but it's also apparently the Danish word for "poop". I really need to tell people at my school this. - Minecraftcrazy530

You know you're out of it when you have to Google "what is bae? "

I have no shame - keycha1n

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3 Hashtag

Don't you mean... POUND? - Yatagarasu

That would be SUPER awkward if someone say that

4 Ratchet

My point exactly. I agree with PositronWildhawk. If anyone decides to say the slang version of ratchet, I will hit them with one with absolutely no regrets. - username34

The real definition for ratchet is a mechanical device. People take sophisticated words and transform them into slang terms.

To me, a ratchet is a mechanical device with a gear and a pawl. - PositronWildhawk

Ratchet: Ugly Women and presumptuous

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I'm a millennial but I don't even know what this word means or most of the other words on this list. In fact I don't know why the hell my generation has the word "millennial" Oh and to those calling me narcissistic, why don't you look in the mirror.

You know, I take YOLO as a sign that since you only live once, make the most of it instead of flinging yourselves into something potentially deadly. - username34

Exactly! I hate it when people say something like "You only live once- so let's go paddle board in the jet ski area! We only get one chance to live, so do it while you have the chance! " Um... if I only get one chance to live, I don't want to have it last not even into adulthood because I tried something idiotic like paddle boarding in a jet ski ring. - pandagirl

Why do people like to say stupid words like this nowadays? - ThePwoperMuser101

You live many times but you only die once.It should be YODO.

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6 Twerk

Growing increasingly ashamed of modern slang as this list goes on... - keycha1n

7 OTP/I ship it

This is where everyday media starts to get creepy... - Rocko

LOL that's all my classmates ever say. When we study two important political partners, "I ship it". Studying Shakespeare, ", Viola and Olivia is my new OTP! ", people even ship elements of the periodic table in my class... maybe its gone too far.

8 On Fleek

Well, to be honest. I had to search up "modern slang" to make this list. So I don't really know either... - keycha1n

It means on point Positron. (And yes, I had to search its definition. )

Just say on point then. This is a waste of time. - username34

Most people don't understand now - Thatgirl

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9 Dat ___ Doe

I don't say it like that or write it like that. I use it as a means to help my friends understand a reference or joke that I know they get. - username34

I don't know the meaning of half the words on this list. - RockFashionista

That face doe

My guy friend said that. a girl had laughed crazily and he saie, 'that LAUGH doe! '

10 Swag

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11 Hella Gay

The word “gay” meant happiness many years ago

12 Dude

Nah - NightmareCinema

13 21

Twenty-one, darling. That is how many years it is after the year 1900.

14 dab



15 Dat Boi

I say it.Its weird and I like it

16 Damn Daniel

Oh, did Daniel make a worthless nickname again? That's not how we do it here on the farm.

17 Turnt

If I knew what it was, I would have an accurate judgement. - username34

18 Bruh

Alice Cooper said “Hey, bro, take it slow” in the song “Hey Stoopid” In 1993. - NightmareCinema

19 Middle Finger
20 Dawg
21 Even Stevens Even Stevens
22 For Days
23 Shut it down
24 That ain't it chief
25 Wack
26 Periods
27 Hangover
28 Blasted
29 Draggin
30 Grocery Store
31 Walmart Walmart
32 Torrid
33 Walgreens Walgreens
34 Meteorologist
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