Top Ten Things People Say When They Get Jump Scared


The Top Ten

1 Jesus Christ!

A lot of people say it - flamingsoul

2 Oh My God!

I said this when my little cousins jump scared me

Once on my dads birthday the restaurant dropped something to get our attention and I jumped to the moon and back, I said O mi God! - AnonymousChick

3 Oh Crap!

I've said it more than 12 times - flamingsoul

4 Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
5 Damn It, Damn It, Damn It!
6 WTF!
7 Mommy!
8 Oh Sh**

Lol I say this one

9 Crikey!

I say this more than I say JESUS CHRIST. - flamingsoul

10 Nnnnnooooooooo!

The Contenders

11 What??
12 F*** F*** F***
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