Top Ten Things People Say When You Tell Them You're Pansexual

This is how people react when you tell them you're Pansexual and maybe explain it afterwards. This comes from mostly personal experiences.

The Top Ten

1 "You like pans???"

I didn't know that this will be on the list! - funnyuser

LOL that's the best thing I've heard all day! - keycha1n

2 "What?????"

Yep, just look at the erotic non-stick surface and the shiny metal handles... Pans are the sexiest things ever, aren't they? (yes, it is sarcasm. I'm not that freaky yet) - keycha1n

3 "You mean bisexual right?"

Isn't it the same thing? Although I don't care for sexual orientation (I'm 12, too young to worry about something like that) I respect the sexual orientation of others. Although I will probably end up being heterosexual by the time I start caring. - RockFashionista

Lol when I told people I was pansexual they ere like, "what's that? " - tbell4ever

4 "ugh. You're such a hippie/hipster"
5 "Just choose a side already"

Me personally, I have no clue what I am, but I think I could be with a guy or a girl. Just as long as the guy never touches me (that certainly put things into perspective... Haha! ). - keycha1n

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6 "That's not possible.."
7 "You're just trying to be cool"
8 "It's just a phase"
9 "You're too young to know"


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