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1 People of a Different Race

What is different race? Whites are "the race" but Asians are the majority. (Most) Whites don't accept blacks but blacks accept whites. How? - AnonymousChick

The reason why the USA ended slavery is this. They treated African Americans wrongly - Stormver101

Why should color of skin matter? Would you hate someone for having blonde hair or green eyes?

Especially against Muslims now because of the extremist terrorist groups... I am part Lebanese with Muslim ancestors, and not all of my family is awful. - Lucretia

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2 Homosexuality

Okay, I am honestly not lesbian at all, so I may not be the very best person to speak on this subject but hear me out: why can't you accept homosexuality? Scientifically, it's 100% natural. Why should someone else's love an happiness have ANYTHING to do with you? The person they love of their same gender is the most special and spectacular person in the world to them. They would do anything for each other. So how do you think it makes them feel when you go around disrespecting these people? I know a young woman who is lesbian, and she is seriously the smartest, sweetest, most awesome person to be around. So why don't you homophobic human organisms shut up and stop making fun of people and judging them because the love of their life is the same gender as them. Did I make myself clear? Because my fingers are staring to hurt from angry typing. And if you read this entire thing, you're sweet. - RockFashionista

Religion was meant to bring people together but I think too often it is used as a wedge. Many Christians look at Romans 1 and use it as a weapon to decry homosexuality. I am a Christian, male, and have been married (to a woman) for 14 years, so I am obviously "straight". However, I refuse to use my Bible as a weapon to criticize the way someone else lives their life. God made us all different. Some of us have dark skin, some light. Some have brown eyes, some blue. Some have blond hair, some red or black. Some like the opposite sex, some like the same sex. Why would it be sinful for someone to love the sex they were made by God to love? Sorry but I don't believe anyone would "choose" to be homosexual or transgender with all the discrimination and crap they have to put up with. I just don't buy it. I try to love everybody whether they are my religion or not. Being human, I don't always succeed. But I always try. That, above all else, is what Jesus Christ teaches me to do.

I'm all for gay marriage because I am pansexual myself but I cannot stand pride parades. What is a guy dressing up as a giant penis going to accomplish? If you went around and acted like whoever you are, no one would even know or care about who you like.

If Steve loves Joe, they can live together anyways if they don't get married, and adopt children, and be buried together, practically the same as marriage, so why can't they marry.? - Lucretia

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3 Religion

The only reason people don't like Christians is because some people think anti-gay thing are sexist. - Coleybuddy

I only hate it when it's shoved down my throat. I am an atheist and I'm perfectly happy with that. But in a Christian city, where people gather around the flagpole to pray, it's not widely accepted. But I don't care. You have your views and I have mine. I don't shove my beliefs down your throat so don't shove yours down mine.

If I could wish something, I'd wish that evolution and creationism could co-exist, and that there would be no more religious wars. No one should die because of their beliefs. - ethanmeinster

I am a atheist. I am okay with that also. And I especially hate religous extremists who don't except other beliefs. - Lucretia

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4 Reality

Yeah, as a delusional freak who is ignored and misunderstood by everyone, I find reality monotonous. I live in my head. I know that's not good for me, but I have no idea how to come out of my delusional states. Once I'm in my head, I'm overpowered by imagination and hallucination. - RockFashionista

NO. I will live inside of my mind, where everything is perfect. - Dman1972

Accepting Reality is hard for me... It's a boring place to live, despite the fact I live in this boring place...

"I am not a human being, this a dream and I will soon awake." That was part of Per Ohlins suicide note, and he believed he was dead from childhood trauma so maybe. - Lucretia

5 Atheism

I am an atheist, and I accept people who are religious- however I don't respect anyone of any religion who tries to force their beliefs upon others.

I am Baptist and I must say that a lot of the time you may feel like that but our religion believes that if you don't except Christ as your savior then when you die you will go to Hell. It may seem harsh but it is true. There have been people who have died and come back saying that they saw Hell or Heaven. Even if it seems forced it's only because we have the compaction to try and stop people from making these mistakes before it's to late. I know it is hard to understand because the human mind is incapable of understanding the gravity of the meaning of eternal life.

The main lie told about this is that atheism=arrogance, or atheism=disrespect, or atheism=ignorance. I am an atheist and I am proud to say that none of those qualities are true of me. - PositronWildhawk

You said it! Even though I'm a Christian most of the atheists I've met are very nice people! Especially you Hawkie! - RiverClanRocks

I am non-religious, but find that these days, it is far more common for Atheists to needlessly interject and argue in favor of their viewpoint during a conversation than for a religious person to do so.

In the REAL WORLD atheists will ALWAYS be 100% correct when it comes down to science, global warming, evolution, round earth, and LGBTQ+!

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6 Different Opinions

I respect different opinions, but I do respect them more if they give a reason why they feel the way they do. I also think if a statement is given on here as a fact and it is just an opinion or is outright false, I need to point that out. There is so much misinformation going around these days it's incredible, and that's a particularly dangerous thing in an election year. The future of my country is at stake.

Some people ; even on this site, don't respect different opinions. It's awful. At least don't make a big argument about it and keep it to yourself, at least. - funnyuser

Yea its annoying if you don't like something popular saying I don't like or I hate or I think this sucks then the fan base goes hostile knowing that not everyone in the world likes the thing they like

Elitism of late 2016 on TTT... anyways I agree. - Lucretia

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7 The Obese

I'm the most gluttonous, lazy, and unhealthy person you will ever meet, I just don't look like it. You don't know what disease-mentally or physically-they may have. You don't know their relationship with food, you don't know anything about them, and you don't know anything about someone who is thin either! They're not "wastes of oxygen", band assuming their gluttonous sloths is an awful way to generalize... - keycha1n

Really? Every obese peeps needed to be accepted, I mean they eat everything someone worked hard for, and also, if a relative is obese, you need to accept someone from your family but not the others?! Wish they need to accepted by those negative peeps aka slim girls and boys - kontrahinsunu

SO just because someone is fat then you exclude them?! That's low. And I know low. I mean, you don't have to be friends with them but you could at least not be rude to him/her.

I am not heavy, healthy weight, but some of my family is overweight and they can not help it. - Lucretia

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8 Bronies

Whoever put this on the list is a genius laugh out loud. - alyssa800900

Yes, people should give us more respect! - Pegasister12

They want to get rid of them. Why can't they just accept them?

Bronies do not deserve respect. - LordDovahkiin

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9 Both Genders Are Equal

There's this a$$hole named Jello Lala on YouTube, and claims that "women are stronger than men". No. We're equal.

Feminist (some) don't know anything about Feminism. They just want power... We're all equal

Huh, first opinion on here is mine. Anyway, YEESS! I'm a feminist/egalitarian, and I have to say this is 100% true. No one has told me I throw like a girl (they say I throw like a boy), but someone has told me I catch like a girl... WHICH WAS TODAY!

And so do transgenders, even though I am not one. I agree. - Lucretia

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10 Homeless

I'm a homeless man at the library.. I lost everything in 2007. I am the same caring good hearted man just without a house

Man, it's 2016 now that I commented. I hope you found yourself a good shelter and a family. If not, I still hope you're active or somethin'.

Homeless people are sad to see, saw one with a cup of change and a shopping cart begging. - Lucretia

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11 People Who 'Sin'/Commit Crimes/etc.

Well, people have a reason for everything they do. If someone is mentally sick, I guess that's understandable, but if they're not, then try find a reason for it, maybe you'll figure it out - NerdyPweeps

Every people make mistake and those who were discriminated for life, The judge may delete some years and give them parole if they don't have chance for parole. - kontrahinsunu

I guess I could accept people who commit violent crimes against YOU.

Sin is the broadest term ever... and commiting crime as long as they feel remorse - Lucretia

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12 New Forms of Government

Like what? Every possible government has been tried. Communism, Socialism, Fascisme, National Socialism, Democracy, Anarchy ( it's a form of government without a government and has been tried in Spain before the Franco regime. Also many books with theories has been written about Anarchy but people still thinks that Anarchy means " no order ". It's not! ), Liberalism, Neo-Liberalism, Theocraty, Oligarchy etc... None of them is perfect, the one worse than the other or better than the other but no government that has been tried or that is has suceed. Why? Because humans aren't perfect and precarious plus the fact that corruption is a common vice seen by those who are in charge of power to govern people ( certainly when capitalism is involved in its power ).

Actually, a fully Democratic socialist system has not been tested yet. Our only previous exposure to socialism has been authoritarian communism. - GrimmShady

13 You Are Not "Owed" Anything

Want something? Work for it. - Mrveteran

Does that include corporations?

14 Bisexuality, Pansexuality, and Asexuality Exist

As a bisexual, I can confirm this. - Supernatural

Agreed, they deserve to marry the same gender also if they want - Lucretia

I'm asexual.. I agree

15 Emos/Suicidals

I think that instead of people looking at someone who is emo or suicidal and say "let them do whatever they want. It's there life" that people should start to try and help these people who are going through emotional problems. They shouldn't be excepted as someone who is going to kill himself one day or another. They should be known as someone who need therapy help to get them through whatever situation there in.

Even if I called my friend's mom after I caught her slicing up herself, mom cared for her more than usual and now my friend literally hates me for telling her. And now...she sees me and everyone as an enemy.

I am one of these people. I almost committed suicide a few times throughout my life. - RockFashionista

Suicidal people need therapy and mental health, not to be mocked. - Lucretia

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16 Autistic People

I am autistic and people would tease me and laugh at me and exclude me for it.

17 Fans and the Fanboys Are Not the Same Thing

Fanboys-i use this as an acronym for a topic in English :

Fans- 5-year old bitches who spoil good games, make shipping's outta them and act like they're INNOCENT...

We have to accept it...

You got it backwards. Fans are normal people, and fanboys/girls aren't normal fans. - LordDovahkiin

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19 There's not just one person who disagrees with them or the majority

7 billion people in the world. What are the odds that 6,999,999,999 will all have the same opinion?

People, there's like 7 bil people in this world...
And I was never the only one hating cancerous games..

20 Not Everyone, Real or Fictional, Needs to Be Paired Off/Have a Love Interest

And that goes for pairing them with anyone of ANY gender.

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