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21 Pegasisters
22 Bronies Are Not All the Same

I am not a brony but There are 3 types of bronies
1. Normal brony: this brony watches mlp for fun and likes to talk about mlp with other bronies
2. Anti bronies: Attention whores that makes Stupid rumors about bronies
3. Die Hard Bronies: These are the bronies that people hate they spread mlp like a virus - whodafuqisthisguy

Honesty, this applys to all groups, of any sort - RecklessGreed

23 Alicorn Twilight Sparkle

Lol. She is an Alicorn

Alicron Sparkle ^.^ - Neonco31

MLP is retarded. There is no such thing as an alicorn. - LordDovahkiin

24 Liberalism

They deserve to be whatever political party they want

No. - LordDovahkiin

25 Life Is Difficult and You Must Work Hard
26 Having Sex Out of Marriage Is Terrible

It's immoral and unchaste. I don't care how much you love it, (or how many thumbs down I get for writing this comment), it should never be done outside of marriage. If you want to have sex so bad, how hard is it to get married? And if you're not old enough to get married, you shouldn't even be THINKING about having sex! I'm so sick of all the bad people in the world. I feel like dying every day. - RockFashionista

All of my moms family including herself always have sex out of marriage and I keep telling to STOP... But nope and because of that I have a lot of cousins

Having Sex out of marriage is very terrible. It's breaking the 6th or 7th commandment (not sure which). And most people say it's cool. As a Christian I'd like to say that it's just terribly immoral.

I don't know, my parents were never born but they had me. And its fine honestly... - Lucretia

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27 Pop Music is Going Downhill Terribly
28 Change In Life
29 Not Everyone, Real or Fictional, Needs to Be Paired Off/Have a Love Interest

And that goes for pairing them with anyone of ANY gender.

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30 Christianity Sucks

No! Just No! - Neonco31

No...No...This is highly Offensive. So you say Christianity sucks, huh? I WAS RAISED CHRISTIAN HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I DISRESPECTED YOUR RELIGION? 😡



31 Not everyone who disagrees with a popular opinion or one's own opinion is a troll

Exactly! I like Ice Age sequels, Norm of the North, Cars 2, Despicable Me 3 and Brave, and dislike Zootopia, Toy Story 3, Ice Age (2002), Logan and Monster House, but that does not make me a troll, just very different from other users opinions. Trolls are those who like to ruin peoples days and so on! - darthvadern

32 Throwing around the words "racist", "bigot", "homophobia", "sexist", and "offensive" don't help your argument; they only make you look like an idiot
33 Witchcraft is Good

Stupidest of all items. if you think so, then go on and you'll see where it'll lead you - Lynch

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34 Not All Anime is Bad
35 There's not just one person who disagrees with them or the majority

7 billion people in the world. What are the odds that 6,999,999,999 will all have the same opinion?

People, there's like 7 bil people in this world...
And I was never the only one hating cancerous games..

36 Anyone who in any way is not a white, male, heterosexual, able-bodied, monagamous, cisgender Christian is not some super-special holy being that can do no wrong

Neither is anyone who is.

This does not even make any sense as written, but it seems you hate all white males, and uniformly think that nothing they can do is right.
That makes you racist and misandrist.

37 Michael Brown Was a Criminal

Indeed. He attacked an officer, tried to grab his gun and then charged at him despite being told at gunpoint to freeze. Martyr my ass, he was as criminal as they come. Certainly not worth burning a city down, especially when many black owned businesses were wrecked in the process. - Mrveteran

Michael Brown attacked the police officer, and fought with him over the gun.
He was 6 foot 4, and weighed 290 pounds, and he was NOT surrendering, and he did NOT have his hands up.
The ONLY person who said that he did was his partner in the store robbery.

38 Islam Should Be Eradicated

No it shouldn't, Muslims has a much right to practive their religion as we do.

39 Conservatism

This is true. Many social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook censor conservatives and people they think are part of "the alt-right". Some colleges are also like this trying to ban republican or conservative beliefs. - Gabriola

I am a liberal but accept conservatives.

40 Hilary Clinton would not have made a great president

Yes she would have been better than Trump but we all know a rock would have been better than Trump

Tis' true. Trump will actually be good, if not great. I dislike Trump, but his ideas are good. - LordDovahkiin

Varg Vikernes would have been better then Trump... - Lucretia

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