Top Ten Things People Should Accept, Even Though Many Don't


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41 Conservatism

This is true. Many social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook censor conservatives and people they think are part of "the alt-right". Some colleges are also like this trying to ban republican or conservative beliefs. - Gabriola

I am a liberal but accept conservatives.

42 Hilary Clinton would not have made a great president

Yes she would have been better than Trump but we all know a rock would have been better than Trump

Tis' true. Trump will actually be good, if not great. I dislike Trump, but his ideas are good. - LordDovahkiin

Varg Vikernes would have been better then Trump... - Lucretia

43 There are people who don't like discussing politics or getting caught up in sociopolitical turmoil, and they don't need to do so no matter how much anyone insists otherwise
44 You can just enjoy life and love the things you love
45 Life Begins at the Moment of Conception

Does not. It begins at birth, I support abortion.

I support abortion, if its like 1 or 2 in a life time, and pro birth, not neseccarily pro-life, people can get wacko. - Lucretia

46 Restaurants Like McDonald's Don't Make You Fat, Eating Too Much of It Makes You Fat.
47 Anime Sucks V 3 Comments
48 If You Smoke Cigarettes, They Will Probably Kill You

If you smoke, there is also a chance you will adversely affect the health of those around you.

Alpha101, Smoking in general is terrible for your lungs. Even if you can control it it will effect you

Don't see why smoking is bad as long as you can control it. - Alpha101

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49 The Annoying Orange Was Better Before 2012

The annoying orange used to be the funny orange until 2012 it became annoying. yes his jokes used to be funny - whodafuqisthisguy

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50 SeaNanners Started the Budder Joke, Not SkyDoesMinecraft
51 Heavy Metal

We should at least be open to all genres of music, even ones we don't like. I don't like modern EDM or country for instance, but I do like some of the artists within the genre and understand why others do. I love heavy metal, and I do think that those who don't should at least respect or understand why others do. - Mrveteran

52 Truth
53 Sexual activity can be sinful even within marriage

They are married, let them be... - Lucretia

54 The Inevitability of Death
55 Liberalism

They deserve to be whatever political party they want

No. - LordDovahkiin

56 Obama is a Great President

Oh my God! Is it opposite day?! - LordDovahkiin

57 Rainbow Dash Is Not A Bully
58 Overrated Doesn't Mean Bad
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